Update: I am now going to consider this official RP "law," as soon as I can frigging figure out where to put it. We don't exactly have any categories/pages/rulesets dedicated to stuff like this. I may have to make one.

Lately, people have been parting with the established tradition of making a ship only able to carry as many aircraft in RP as it does ingame. This brings up great points. Alot of our aerospace carriers only carry maybe 100 planes or so ingame, even though they are obviously big enough to carry far more in RP(see my pyroclast for example, it can carry up to 500 ingame but has internal room for far more than that). Now, this is causing a relatively unfair gap in the community between those who build their aerospace carriers properly and make them hold as many planes as they want, and those who build carriers and devote more percentage to armor and weapons, and just ridiculously multiply their aircraft in RP. Those who build according to established norms are winding up drastically underpowered in RP compared to those who just multiply their aircraft. Hence, this proposal.

I propose the following set of rules, which has been designed to implement a balance between the two designs:

  1. ALL aerospace carriers MUST carry aircraft ingame to qualify as a carrier(and be eligible for the perks below)
  2. For aerospace carriers, the total amount of aircraft it carries ingame will be equal to ONE SQUADRON in RP. The number of squadrons a carrier can have in RP will be determined by how tough it is and how many weapons it has(to balance it out).
  3. The speed at which the carrier can offload all its aircraft ingame is the speed at which ONE SQUADRON can be deployed in RP. For example, Pyroclast can shoot all 450-500(depending on loadout)its planes off in around 30 seconds, so in RP, one squadron would be deployed every thirty seconds.
  4. the maximum number of squadrons a carrier can have is 10. The minimum is 1

the formula for squadrons is as follows(rounded to the nearest whole number)

Squadrons = 10V - (W + T), where

  • V = the volume of the ship(BEFORE THE BASE IS ADDED) in square kilometers. To find this, multiply the length, width, and height of a ship BEFORE you add the base.
  • W = # of heavy weapons (MCMs, doomsdays, turrets, etc) divided by 100. Note that special RP weapons count as 50 heavy weapons.
  • T = toughness / 1,000,000.

These are only basic rule suggestions, and reasonable exceptions could be made for special cases. These are only proposals, and are open and subject to change. Please discuss in the comments below(for example, I want to see what people think about aircraft sizes in RP and how that could be regulated)

TheAlphaTheOmega (talk) 17:50, November 4, 2015 (UTC)