Acheron Security
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Loyal to the UAC


Constitution of the United Ceres Government


CEO Jonathan Black


Defense Contractor



Defending the Solar System, one step at a time

-Acheron Security's Slogan

Acheron Security is a defense, security, aerospace, and private military company serving the United Aerospace Command, providing them with certain weapons, support, and equipment. Their main headquarters is based in Ceres, with plans to operate on Earth and other parts of the Sol System. They are currently managed by Jonathan Black, the CEO of the company. As they are closely linked to the UAC, they have a lot of similar materials to what they have, and weapons manufactured by Acheron are usually used by them. In return for the materials given, the UAC provides Acheron with certain weapons, ships, funding, and access to the UAC's major colonies.

Acheron is most widely known for being the producer of the M808 Scorpion for the UAC, and the ones contracted to build tanks for the Super Scorpion Program. The have also developed certain weapons for the UAC as well, notably the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920

Due to them being used for small support, their fleet is not the biggest in comparison to their "parent navy", and usually use some light capital ships to numerous lighter ships.

Contacting Acheron

  • Note, this is Roleplay, not a real thing

If a faction requires Acheron for assistance, contact a number below. After being cleared, they will dispatch forces.

  • Phone Number: 599-243-9075
  • Fax: 599-343-9075
  • Email: AcheronSecurity@acheron.uac

Products and Services

-: Sold only to the UAC

Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD = 1.10 cR (Credit, UAC's currency)

Acheron is a leading security system, selling top of the line security systems for governments, companies, and even homes


  • Basic security camera system: 4000.00 cR
  • Burglar Alarm System: 10,000.00 cR
  • Full security system: 15,000.00 cR


  • Security System: 1,500,000.00 cR
  • Thermal Scanning System: 2,000,000.00 cR
  • Full surveillance system with operators: 7,000,000.00 cR


Most Acheron military products are only sold to the UAC. They are most widely known for having been contracted to make some of the UAC's armored vehicles such as the M808 "Scorpion", the M850 Super Scorpion, and the hover tanks from the HTX Program. Currently, Acheron can be contracted by other nations for certain vehicles, but must consult with the UAC before construction.


  • MA5SA Individual Combat Weapons System: 3,000.00 cR
  • M394 Designated Marksman's Rifle: 1,833.00 cR
  • -Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920: 63,405.00 cR

Armored Vehicles

-*Please Note that licenses to produce vehicles must be approved by the UAC*-

  • -M808 Main Battle Tank: 6,500,000.00 cR
  • M850 Main Battle Tank: 8,000,000.00 cR
  • M851 Self Propelled Gun: 8,500,000.00 cR
  • -M-145D Self Propelled Gun: 20,000,000.00 cR
  • HT-01 Main Battle Tank: 10,000,000.00 cR
  • HT-02 Main Battle Tank: 15,000,000.00 cR

Aerospace Craft

-Please note that licenses to produce aerospace craft are not available for purchase-

  • F-350 Short Sword: 50,000,000.00 cR
  • A-250 Super Sword: 65,000,000.00 cR
  • SG-01 Cobra: 35,500,000.00 cR
  • AC-230: 90,000,000.00 cR
  • D80-TC Eagle: 45,000,000.00 cR


Acheron Security has numerous recruiting stations around Earth and parts of the Sol System for people willing to sign up and join. High ranking officials are offered major positions in the company's armed forces.

1. Rp name

2. Reason of joining

3. Ships you are contributing

4. Ships you are bringing


There is one CEO, but in the naval division of Acheron, there can be numerous Admirals or Vice Admirals, depending on the size of the company at the current time.

-CEO: Highest position in the company


-Vice Admiral

-Upper Rear Admiral

-Lower Rear Admiral


CEO Jonathan Black


If the company's code of conduct is not followed, the violator will be asked to leave the company. Given that Acheron serves, and works for the UAC, all major movements must be cleared with them.

1. Respect your superiors, and follow their orders

2. All orders will go directly to the CEO

3. Entering a conflict is not allowed, unless authorized by the CEO and the UAC

4. Participating in operations hostile to Acheron Security and the UAC is unacceptable

5. Attacking a faction allied to the UAC is unacceptable

6. Betrayal of Acheron Security and the UAC will be met with force

7. Acheron Security's fleet does not consist of a lot of capital ships. Despite funding from the UAC, most materials mined go straight to them for the war effort, so light capital ships, and other smaller ships are more desired.

Political Information

Due to Acheron being a security company related to the UAC, political ties remain to the UAC, and navies that are allied to the UAC have a form of political relations to them. The company lacks true political power, and can only request to operate on an UAC ally's territory unless stated by the UAC. Currently operations remain as security if on an ally's territory.

-Political Information can be found on the UAC page-


United Aerospace Command (Operations on major UAC colonies, provides escort for UAC Transport ships)

Current Operations

AFOH (Security for UAC facilities)

AIF (Security for UAC Embassy)

Imperial Rebel Front (Being deployed against them in recent combat missions)

Ground Forces

Acheron Security's ground forces are important to their operations as a security force. Used to protect UAC favored infrastructure and attack "small, but annoying" navies that the UAC deems hostile.

Though they have a less variety then the UAC's forces, they still get the same amount of training and experience, making them fairly effective in combat in comparison to other private military companies.




Most vehicles in Acheron are light APCs, jeeps, and a few Main Battle Tanks, allowing them effectively act as simple security for a building site, to a full on military assault.

Aerospace Fleet

The Acheron fleet mainly composes of light, medium, and some capital ships due to most resources going straight to the UAC for the war effort.

Black's Fleet


Class Ship Type Builder/Operator # Of Ships Active Other Notes
Paris-B Heavy Frigate Jonathan Black 100 Designed for escort roles and light combat.

Light Strike Craft

Class Ship Type Builder/Operator # Of Ships Active Other Notes
F-350 Short Sword Aerospace Fighter Jonathan Black Multiple Armed with four 20mm rotary cannons, a 50mm ventral cannon, and Longbow missiles.
A-250 Super Sword Attack Aircraft Jonathan Black Multiple Armed with two 30mm rotary cannons in the nose, has two defense turrets, and is capable of atmospheric and exoatmoispheric combat
SG-01 Cobra Aerospace Gunship Jonathan Black Multiple Armed with four 30mm tri-barreled rotary lasers, a 50mm particle cannon, Longbow missiles, HYDRA rockets, and VIPER rockets.
AV-100 Cobra Aerospace Gunship Jonathan Black Multiple Armed with two 20mm rotary lasers, Longbow missiles, and is VTOL capable. Only goes Mach 2.

Heavy Strike Craft

Class Ship Type Builder/Operator # Of Ships Active Other Notes
AC-230 Rapier Aerospace Gunship Jonathan Black Multiple Armed with two 40mm turrets, and two 120mm ventral guns
D80-TC Eagle Dropship Jonathan Black Multiple Has a dual 20mm autocannon turret, dual 40mm canon on the top, or 75mm cannon, and can carry 14 soldiers and a vehicle

Haag's Fleet


Class Ship Type Builder/Operator # Of Ships Active Other Notes