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Aiur Peace Treaty

A ceasefire has been established for the RA-SSA war with the following Conditions:

Condition 1

All land gained by any of the nations during the war will be kept by whichever nation had control of said land by the end of the war.

  • Control of land can be traded or split to whichever nation - either SSA or RA - after the treaty is in place.

Condition 2

An exclusion zone will exist - for Unity from the SSA and Earth from the RA - a distance of one Astronomical Unit in radius from said planets.

  • Nations in the SSA or RA already having territory and/or installations in the exclusion zone will have an exception from the exclusion zone.
  • The exclusion zone will not affect the SSA at Tenelapis. This zone will extend one hundred thousand (100,000) kilometers from the outermost moon of Tenelapis to allow SSA vessels to manuver around Tenelapis. The exclusion zone also will not affect the ships going along the shortest route from Tenelapis to the boundaries of the exclusion zone and back to allow ships to enter Tenelapis and leave(if the zone extends to Tenelapis, we never set a distance between the mentioned planets).

Condition 3

Trade Embargoes will only be made and entered into by individual nations against nations regardless of alliance, meaning trade can be done from a SSA nation to a RA nation provided a trade embargo hasn't been made and entered into by one nation against the other.


Scarlet Empire

  • Grandmaster Joseph Harper


  • Peter Cargill
  • Fleet Admiral David Hodston


  • Foreign Relationships Minister
  • Commodore of Yokosuka


  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Aluf David Marcus

Soviet Union

  • President Joseph Stalin II
  • Fleet Admiral Marko Ramius

United States of America

  • President Stewart Farragut
  • Fleet Admiral Marc Patton


  • President Francois Hollande
  • Amiral de France Charles De Gaulle

New Arcadian Republic

  • Some Random Foreign Relations Diplomat

Unified Ceres Government

  • Delegate John Valensky

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