Aneph Enterprises Consolidated Fleet
The Official Ensign of Aneph




Lawful Neutral


Potentia nostra per Ignem et Scientia


Fleet Admiral Tato


Aneph Armed Forces



Major Installation Locations:

Mercury, Earth, Mars, Tenelapis, Grath, Calemare, and the Majority of Asteroids from the Sun to Earth Area

Minor Installation Locations:

Earth, Uranian Moons(Puck and Ariel), Saturn Moons (Atlas, Daphnis, Epimetheus, Methone, Pallene, Pan, Pandora, and Polydeuce), Neptune Moons (Halimede, Sao, Laomedeia, Psamathe, S/2004 N 1), 10199 Chariklo

Greetings, this is Tato, Fleet Admiral of the Aneph Enterprises Consolidated Fleet. We come from the far side of the globe, and so far as we can tell, there are no other major entities, naval or political, around us. We are completely self-sufficient and have formed a monopoly of sorts over our isolated continent, Aneph. We are independent and quasi-isolationist due to our isolated location, but we are growing into a global and interstellar superpower capable of fighting for justice, while also encouraging economic growth and expansion.

The Fleet

Our fleet contains ships designed for many different purposes, although most of our ships can overlap into all other roles(with somewhat-reduced efficiency). For the most part, our ships are named after volcanoes from Earth, Mars, Venus, or even Io, and the volcano they are named after usually embodies the idea/purpose of the ship in some way. However, we are adopting new naming triends where ships may be named not only for volcanoes, but for other powerful forces of nature.

Surface Ships:

Aerospace Ships:



Surface Ship Naval Roster
Ship Class Builder/operator Status of ships in class Number built Description Ship names
Lo'ihi Tato Mothballed 10 Heavy attack submarine
  • Lo'ihi
Surtsey Tato Active 25 Fast-attack stealth submarine
  • Surtsey
Insatiable Tato Mothballed 10 Heavy catamaran cruiser
  • Insatiable Appetite
Geyser Tato Active 4 Floating launch gantries
  • Old Faithful
  • Steamboat Springs
Eyjafjallajokull(Mk.1) Tato All upgraded to Mk.2 8 Anti-aircraft cruiser
  • Eyjafjallajokull
Eyjafjallajokull(Mk.2) Tato Active 15 Aircraft carrier hunter/killer
  • Eyjafjallajokull
New York Evans 20 Active (2 with Israeli navy, 1 with USNF, and 17 ANF enterprises) 20

Light battlecarrier/battleship

  • USS New York
  • New Haven
  • New Orleans
  • New Mexico
Yellowstone Tato Active 4 Superbattleship
  • Yellowstone
Illustrious Evans Mothballed 3 Patrol boat/transport
  • Illustrious
  • Illistrate
  • Irritate
Helens Tato Active  30 Heavy cruiser
  • Mt St Helens
Stromboli Tato Active 40

Exerimental Warptec-powered Submarine Killer / Destroyer

Warptec lets it see underwater without needing sonar

  • Stromboli
Elysium Tato, Evans Active 15 Escort Carrier / Light Cruiser
  • Elysium Mons
Coastal Patrol Craft Evans Active 15 Coastal patrol craft
  • Coastal Fleet Flagship
  • SP-01
  • SP-02
  • SP-03
  • SP-04
Kilimanjaro Evans Active 25 Battle Cruiser/Light Battleship
  • ANF Kilimanjaro (CC-12)
  • ANF Mansfield (CC-28)
  • ANF Everest (BBL-01)
Fletcher-Class Evans Active  40 WWII Destroyers
  • USS Heerman (DD-532)
  • USS Hoel (DD-533)
  • USS The Sullivans (DD-537)
  • USS Johnston (DD-557)
Allen. M. Sumne-Class Active 40 WWII Destroyers
  • USS Allen. M. Sumner (DD-692)
  • USS Laffey (DD-724)
Empire Evans Active 30

Light battlecarrier/ Battle Cruiser/ Battleship

  • ANF Empire
  • ANF Patirot
  • ANF Hero
Imagination of Something Bigger Houston Active 10 (2 planned, 7 failed vessel, 3 prototypes) Super Fortress

Immobile heavy fortresses that come in two forms, failed vessels (3.4 million toughness) and prototypes (2.6 million toughness), have replaced Tuatha de Danaan Class.

Double the Revenge Houston Active 32 (3 planned) Support Super Battleship
Infinitive Revenge Houston Active 65 (10 planned) Super Battleship
Squamish Houston Active 105 (5 planned) Amphibious Assault Ship
Angel Of Stalingrad Houston Active 125 (production ceased/retiting) Battleship
Mountainview Houston Active 200 (none planned) Battleship
Grouse Houston Active 100 (none planned) Battlecruiser
Cypress Houston Active 275 (15 planned) Ironclad Cruiser
Cypress II Houston Active 300 (30 planned) Ironclad Dreadnought
Inland Revenge Houston Active 300 (50 planned) Crusier
Quay Houston Active

750 (100 planned)

Free Houston Active 30 Captured Destroyer
Normal Houston Active Many Cargo/Fishing Vessel
Victory Tato Active 2 Hybrid aircraft carriers/cargo vessels
Plesiosaur Tato Active 2(1 planned)

nuclear guided/ballistic missile heavy attack supersubmarine(hull classification symbol SSCBGN)

  • Plesiosaur

Flying Ship Naval Roster
Ship Class Description, Role, & Toughness Builder Number produced(planned) Notes(special abilities, main armament details, specific names, etc)
  • SuperBattleship
  • Tato's Flagship
  • 3 million GJ toughness

5 in use by Aneph(none planned)

one delivered to Israel without advanced technology

Has special "Warp Attack" ability. This lets it sync the spacetime of it's warp bubble to any other known forms of transportation being used by a targeted ship and attack the targeted ship while it is at warp and defenseless.

How it works: it "breaks into" the warp bubble/dimensions of an enemy ship(via the aforementioned syncing). Once it does this, it offloads some of its own transportation energy requirements to the already-extant and moving field of the enemy vessel. This forces the enemy ship to transport both itself and the Io, which prevents the enemy ship from having enough energy to try to fire back, but lets the Io divert some of the energy it was using for warping to main weaponry, which it can then use to pummel its helpless target at will.

HOWEVER, the Io does still pump in enough of its own energy to keep the enemy ship from being overloaded and dropping out of warp(which defeats the whole purpose of warp attack)

Commissioned Ship Names: Io, Mustafar, Venus, Sullust, Tenelapis

  • 410-plane Supercarrier
  • ~1 million GJ toughness
Tato 5(none planned)

Can launch all 410 aircraft in under 30 seconds due to gatling-gun layout of launch tubes.

Can carry 500 planes in emergencies, at the cost of slightly-slower launch/recovery speeds

  • Rotary Battleship
  • 2.98 million GJ toughness
Tato 5(none planned)

Has special omnidirectional combat abilities. During combat, each of the Supercell's main gun decks can rapidly rotate around its bridge- main engine axis . This allows the Supercell to maintain a continuous torrent of heavy fire on a target(or multiple targets, since each deck can rotate independently of the others), since as the gun decks rotate, reloaded guns are always rotating into firing position while guns that have been fired can reload and be ready to fire once they rotate back into position. Due to the layout of the weapons, there is no area around supercell that cannot be fired upon by at least a dozen heavy weapons.

The Supercell's bridge can also rotate, and is a hemispherical bridge with a complete panoramic view. It has its own dedicated weapons to deter attacks to that area.

The main engine of supercell is a large plasma sublight drive whose 100km exhaust can be used as a plasma weapon. In addition, there are four lateral plasma engines on the "sides" of supercell that provide lateral maneuvering capabilities and can also be used as plasma weapons. The main engine has dedicated weapons to deter attacks.

Finally, Supercell is very robust and able to endure punishing amounts of fire, mainly due to its rotational abilities, which ensure that no part of Supercell will be exposed to constant, targeted enemy fire for extended periods of time.

  • Mobile SuperFortress
  • Incredible toughness and durability
Tato 1(none planned, except in case of the most dire emergencies)

An entire volcanic island that was ripped up from the ground and had four large Orion Drives, a large warp core, and weaponry installed on and within it.

Carries a massive crater-mounted projectile weapon

No longer flight-worthy, converted to mobile floating Calemare base and given to Fargone Industries in exchange for priority usage of 10% of their total production upon request by Aneph.


  • Revoultionary new space submarine 
Tato 15(15 planned). 

Uses advanced DSWB technology developed by Aneph to submerge "below the universe." Look for DSWB in the Aneph technologies list to learn more about the specifics of the ships that use it.

Carries eight fifty-meter torpedo tubes, 4 bow and 4 stern, for attacking while "submerged." Torpedoes are scaled up from Aneph's Plasma Torpedo technology, made possible by Arendelle's experties in large-scale munitions. Carries two Doomsday deck guns for surfaced raiding of merchant targets. 

Technology from both Aneph and Arendelle was used to make the design work. As such, both navies operate this class of warship. Naming system is similar to German U-boat designations, with E-1, E-2, E-3, etc.

  • Aerospace Cruiser
Herschel 250

Captured by Aneph forces after being found abandoned on Easter Island

  • Frigate
Andrews 100(50 planned)
  • Battleship
  • Andrews' Flagship
  • 2.5 million GJ toughness


150(50 planned)
  • Light Cruiser
Houston 1000 (none planned)
  • Light Frigate
Houston 225 (none planned)
Hell and Back
  • Recon Frigate
Houston 3700 (none planned)
  • Light Arsenal Ship
Houston 150(none planned)
Toy Box
  • Cargo Ship
Houston Cheap and mass produceable
  • Houston's Flagship
  • Aerospace Light cruiser/aerospace command vessel
Houston 25 Regular

3 Stealth and High Command

Can dock a Shield-Class Frigate with it's aft docking bay/area. However, this comes at the cost of reduced speed and higher visibility but more firepower and the addition of a scout. Often, stealth/high command units choose not to obtain a Shield Frigate.

Commissioned Ship Names: Deizu, Jinzō Enemī, Mekakushi Kōdo, Kagerou Deizu, Heddofon Akutā, Kūsō Foresuto, Konoha no Sekai Jijou, Kisaragi Atenshon, Chirudoren Rekooodo, Yobanashi Diseibu, Rosu Taimu Memorī, Ayano no Koufuku Riron, Otsukimi Risaitaru, Yūkei Lesutadei, Autāsaiensu (Stealth/High Command Unit), Samātaimu Rekōdo, Toumei Ansā (Stealth/High Command Unit), Ene no Dennou Kikou, Gunjou Rein, Shinigami Rekoodo (Stealth/High Command Refit), Deddo and Shīku, Marī no Kakū Sekai, Shounen Bureibu, Rosu Taimu Purorōgu, Kaien Panzamasuto, Samā Endo Rōru, Kuraingu Purorōgu

  • Aerospace Cruiser
  • 800 000 GJ (ish, slightly over) toughness
Houston 1005(none planned) Known for having an over excessive amount of 530mm guns and rear mounted SS-N-12 missiles
  • Aerospace Warship
  • Winters' Flagship
  • 1.1 million GJ toughness
Winters 25(none planned) Assault Battlship(heavy firepower, medium armor)
  • Aerospace Warship
Winters 1(none planned) It consists of a 2km long body and 4 >6km long tentecles. Each tentacle is flexible and has several 5 meter long spikes at the tips. These are used to grab enemy ships and pull them into a protruding 150 meter long "beak" that will punch through the hull and inject either the plasma found in ANF plasma torps or a boarding party. It has several 2040s for self defense amd is maneuverable for a capital ship. it also can release a cloud of gas that block all sensors(including visible light) for both sides.
  • Multipurpose Battleship
  • 1.8 million GJ toughness
Houston 40(noneplanned) A multipurpose battleship with an airbase consisting of 2 runways, multiple hangers including an underbelly hanger for dropships and supplies, and two aircraft elevators connecting the upper and lower levels. In addition, there are 4 multipurpose slots that can be used to fit lasers, MACs, and railguns in.
  • Micellaneous
Experimenting On 1 Example A very weird ship, being tested on to know what type of ship it is, currently leading towards a multipurpose fleet command ship.
Delta Freedom
  • Heavy Battleship

1 in Tato's Service

1 in Lee/Trinity's Service

1 in Houston's Service

Very similar to Sigma Aeon.
Sigma Aeon
  • Heavy Battleship

1 in Tato's Service

1 in Lee/Trinity's Service

6 in Houston's Service

Very similar to Delta Freedom.
  • Battlecruiser
  • 1.5 million GJ toughness
Tierce 175 (Built as needed) Originally prototyped as the EW-2021. Incorporates some elements of recovered TEO design philosophy, such as long hulls and missiles, guns, and aircraft all on one ship. Otherwise, it has been built for and by ANF. Incorporates a semi-sentient AI to reduce needed crew, and heavy railgun systems (ventral 30m) as well as point-defense laser batteries. Possesses a central warp disruptor, and a bow-mounted x-ray synchotron interdictor beam. However, it is also extremely expensive, resulting in the comparatively low production run.
Inward Light
  • Medium Battleship
  • 2 million GJ toughness
Tierce 100 (Built as needed) Incorporates much of the same features as the Invictus, with the addition of even more advanced equipment. X-ray synchotron interdictor beam, bow-mounted, central 36m railgun, semi-sentient AI, multiple flush-mount missile tubes, 58 2040s (29 underside, 29 deck), and mixed point-defense lasers and point-defense synchotron beams. To supply all the needed power, the reactor is massive - as befits a ship three and a half kilometers in length.
  • Supercarrier
  • 1.2 million GJ toughness
Tierce 70 (Built as needed) TBA. Carries 370 Griffons and 150 Chrysaors. ~5km long. Based off of the old TEO Fenrir Supercarrier design, with an Aneph twist.
  • Heavy Battleship
  • 3.2 million GJ toughness
Tierce 40 (Built as needed) TBA
  • Superbattleship
  • 4.2 million GJ toughness
Tierce 5 TBA
  • Bombardment Vessel
  • 2.2 million GJ toughness
Tierce 1 (4 more planned) TBA
Samael (Type-X)
  • Orbital Battle Station
  • N/A
Tierce 12 (no more planned, except in case of direst emergency) TBA

Fleet Vehicle Naval Roster
Vehicle Class Description, Role, & Toughness Builder Number produced(planned) Notes(special abilities, main armament details, etc)
SB-290 Solarfortress
  • Heavy Interplanetary Bomber
Tato 600(production rate of 20 per day if needed)

Based off the B-29 Superfortress, this upscaled bomber is spaceworthy and is similarly sized to the Hughes H4 Spruce Goose.  It can carry a massive load of bombs, enough to level a target on its own, though it usually operates in large groups.

It is heavily armored(for an aircraft, that is) and has a heavy defensive armament of:

  1. eight 20cm/7.9inch railguns(4 turrets of two each, 2 top, 2 bottom)
  2. four 5-inch/127mm railguns(2 turrets of 2 each in the rear)
  3. eight 40mm particle beam guns(two mounted on each 20cm railgun turret)

The SB-290 Solarfortress is powered by four wing-mounted CMT cores. Its maneuverability is comparable to a lower-end jet fighter, and can reach speeds of Mach 4 in atmosphere and Mach 13 in space. However, when in an atmosphere it usually slows down to below Mach 1 during bombing in order to increase accuracy, since bombs dropped above Mach 1 have accuracy issues due to airflow.

The SB-290's CMT cores are capable of charging up to make small interplanetary warp jumps, though this requires the bomber be in space and not maneuvering or accelerating. Interstellar travel is possible, but can only be done in multiple small jumps.

  • Aerospace Fighter
Used by All Ok, let's just say that we have a lot, because I'm not bothering to count them all.

Found at Easter Island, due to ease of manufacture and ability to mass-produce, the Dagger was pressed into service

All Daggers are being outfitted with the new Continuous Microwarp Transportation(CMT) technology, which allows them to go faster and pull incredibly high-G maneuvers without killing the pilot ot compromising the vehicle

DT-1 Herschel
  • DrillTank
Herschel 500(100/week if necessary)

The DT-1 Herschel is a unique design in the tank community. It's distinguishing feature is the armored drillbox ahead of it, with numerous little drills that spin at high RPMs. These drills allow the Herschel to drill through enemy tank armor at close range, and to pulverize its way through obstacles such as hardened bunkers, trees, roadblocks, etc.

In addition to its drills, the DT-1 Herschel carries two five-inch advanced railguns in a top turret, Each railgun autoloads and can shoot every ten seconds. It carries a laser machine gun for antiair and antipersonnel defense, and also has eight fluoroantimonic acid missiles that can be fired from its two missile launchers(four missiles each).

Dark Repulser 
  • Main Battle Tank
Houston 1096(150/wk if necessary) Purchased from UAC. Comes equipped with 125mm smoothbore and two .50 BMGs. Machine guns scheduled to be replaced with particle beam CIWS, 125mm smoothbore may be replaced with a 125mm railgun.
F/B-120 "Griffon"
  • V/STOL advanced fighter-bomber
Tierce (Not even going to count them.) Agile, extremely speedy multiple interceptor-fighter-bomber. Uses a CMT core with an overcharge protocol and improved performance. Armed with two 25mm railguns, twin missile/bomb bays, and four 33mm repeating plasma canister guns. Possesses vertical-takeoff and STOL capability. Special Operations modification allows for a centerline x-ray synchotron weapon.
WT-1 "Recluse"
  • Walker Tank
Tierce (A lot, full stop.) Massive walker tank with a 265mm railgun, wall-walking ability, underside unguided missile launcher, two turret-mounted lasers and one hull-mounted automatic grenade launcher. You see this coming, you can do three things: Get stepped on, shot, or blown up.
MRL-S "Devil's Trumpet"
  • Specialized Multiple Rocket Launcher
Tierce (Not counting.) Specialized towed rocket launcher that towers over most any other infantry support and suppression device on the battlefield. First Aneph vehicle to make rare use of O2F2 rockets.
RTD-01 "Rat-D"
  • Railgun Tank Destroyer
Tierce (Still not counting.) A tracked version of the WT-1 with a changed hull, downgraded powerplant, more powerful gun, and no underside missile launcher.
AAT-1 "Whirlwind"
  • Antiaircraft Tank
Tierce (Still not counting.) A RTD-01 hull modified for antiaircraft use. Better heat venting, twin medium repeating directed energy guns, unique capability for elevation, and innovative FCS.
AS/GB-200 "Chrysaor"
  • Anti-Ship, Anti-Ground Bomber
Tierce (Not counting.) TBA
  • Titan
Tierce (Not counting.) TBA
  • Attack Helicopter
Tierce (Not counting.) TBA

Joining A.N.F. Enterprises

Message our Fleet Admiral, TheAlphaTheOmega, if you wish to join. Include this information:

  1. Why you wish to join.
  2. What can you contribute to the fleet.
  3. GameCenter ID and CHARACTER name
  4. How long you have been playing BSC.
  5. what rank you wish to take(note that you may not get the rank you wish for, depending on demand and potential importance to the fleet).
  6. What hacks/modifications you use, if any.
  7. Online availability.
  8. Anything else that may be relevant.

Alpha will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Aneph Enterprises Hierarchy

A personal message from Tato on the subject of rank:

"Gentlemen and gentlewomen, rank isn't very important here. As long as you make a reasonable attempt to follow my directions whenever I send them out, which isn't very often, you can operate with semi-autonomy. If you can prove to me that an order I send out is unwise, you can even ignore that. As for orders coming from others above you, use your discretion. And if someone above you ignores something you tell them because of rank, and that causes a screwup, its on them. So don't feel too bad about not getting a high rank rather quickly. I don't run a tight ship here, since I believe letting formality get in the way of action is a recipe for failure. I judge by results, not by how crisp your salute is or other things along those lines."

  • Fleet Admiral: Tato(aka Alpha)(aka Omega) [TheAlphatheOmega]
  • Admiral Chief of Naval Operations (Retired): Addar Felinski [Starmier123]
  • Admiral Chief of Naval Operations: Silas Tierce [Orion Caelum]; Head of the Aneph Naval Research Institute
  • Vice Admiral: 
  • Vice Admiral: Kent Houston [Aghostintheboat]; Chief of Tenelapis Affairs
  • (Upper) Rear Admiral: Evans [Sn1per01]; Secretary of Defense
  • (Upper) Rear Admiral: Thomas Andrews [Marcboy99]; Chief Engineer
  • (Lower) Rear Admiral: Trinity Winters [Ficus13]
  • Commodore: Antoni Herschel [USS Zumwalt DDG 1000]
  • Post Captain: [Ej2333]
  • Captain:
  • Master And Commander:  
  • Lieutenant Commander: KGB (aka Groundstone) [KingTiger1944]
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade:
  • Midshipman:
  • Ensign:
  • Botswain:
  • Gunner:
  • Chief Warrant Officer 5:
  • Chief Warrant Officer 4:
  • Chief Warrant Officer 3:
  • Chief Warrant Officer 2:
  • Chief Warrant Officer 1:


7-16-2013: New addition to fleet: the Geyser-class floating launch complex, A.N.F. Old Faithful!

7-16-2013: Declaration of war against UR, allied with ISAF/ISBA

7-18-2013: New addition to fleet: another Geyser-class floating launch complex, A.N.F. Steamboat Springs!

8-3-2013: New addition to fleet: the Surtsey-class attack submarine, A.N.F. Surtsey!

1-1-2014: All alliances reset to neutral, isolationary period may be coming to an end.

1-5-2014: Allied with the ISBA

1-6-2014: Declaration of war against the Federation, allied with the Mexican Navy

1-11-2014: Ship registry created, many ships upgraded and others decommisioned

Edit: this has not been updated in awhile..., sorry.

10/4/14: ABC campaign has been completed, last of the Io-class vessels has been delivered. The AIF should hopefully be able to stand on its own soon, and when it is restored to functioning order, the alliance will likely be disbanded.

Our Location

Homeland: The Archipelago of Aneph is located Western Hemisphere of Earth, directly opposite the AFOH territorial waters. Our archipelago is highly volcanic, made up of two concentric calderas surrounding a resurgent cone. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are frequent, but we have learned to turn these to our benefit. The sea is vast around us, and no territories are known to bound us for at least 10,000 miles in each direction(not yet anyway). The seabed to the southwest is rich in oil, and there are many uncharted areas due to the climate of the region, which is very odd due to the location being mostly ocean. We sit on the equator, and the 10 degrees latitude north and south of our area are constantly filled with storms and violent hurricanes. Our lands, however, are kept cool by winds from the north and south, which have the effect of causing hurricanes to occasionaly veer towards our island without losing much strength. As a result, we are used to violent storms and they pose no threat to us. Other than that, there are massive and semipermanent thick fog banks to our east and west caused by the equatorially warmed ocean meeting cool north/south currents. The island, however, is kept clear by the destructive effect of the archipelago on the currents.


Map of the Aneph Archipelago. It is isolated and located west of the ISR's territory and east of Japan. Zoom in for more detail and map scale.


  • Tenelapis: Fort Anelapis(shared with HYDRAXIS), a large underground fortress underneath the crust of Tenelapis with facilities, with mostly indestructible ship building facilities, defences, and entry doors on the outside. While inside the fortress, an airbase, ship pens, mines, fortresses within hollowed stone columns, a monorail system, and large walls made from the crust of Tenelapis. A quarter of the not yet established Fifth Fleet will be stationed on the surface of the crust.
  • Grath: Grath is a giant-turned artificial star and is maintained by Aneph. A quarter of the not yet established Fifth Fleet will be stationed here.
    • Crucible: Following Aneph's acquisition of ISR assets following their collapse and conquest, Aneph now controls the former ISR territory on Grath's volcanic moon Crucible.
  • Mars: Aneph owns the quadrangles containing: Olympus Mons(a secret supershipyard), Elysium Mons( a secret supershipyard), Arsia Mons(a public spaceport), the Syrtis Major Planum Impact Basin. A quarter of the not yet established Fifth Fleet will be stationed here.
    • -----In total, our martian territory consists of the Syrtis, Tharsis, Phoenicis Lacus, Elysium, Amenthes, Diacria, Thaumasia, Mare Boreum, Mare Australe, and Amazonis quadrangles.
    • -----Additionally, Aneph has installed a spherical 40km diameter artificial moon over Mars. Equipped with thousands of Gravitational Pulse Cannons modified for range and constant output, this artificial moon is designed to exert a constant tidal pull on the Red Planet, helping to both keep its newly re-heated interior molten and to establish tides in the future oceans of the soon-to-be-terraformed Mars. The station can also be used as a massive defensive fortress, as it is large enough to serve as a fleet staging point and equipped with giant banks of modified Gravitational Pulse Cannons that can be used to interdict enemy vessels and fire as normal GPCs at close range(though this will require temporarily halting the tidal pull)
  • Demios: Martian moon used as Aneph weapons-testing base for new ships and experimental weaponry.
  • Calemare: Large, mobile floating ocean base(aerogel cloud + toy boxes and Continent) shared with FSI.
  • Earth: The lands of ANF is composed of the Aneph Archipelago, Easter Island, Atlantic Outpost currently. The not yet established First Fleet will be stationed here to protect the ANF homelands.
  • Moons of Saturn: ANF holdings in the Saturn area is composed of mostly factories, mines, shipyards located on the moons of Daphnis, Methone, Pauline, Polydeuce, Atlas, Hellene, Pan, and Pandora. The area will also house the not yet established Fourth Fleet which will protect ANF interests in the Saturn Area.
  • Moons of Neptune: A newly established area consisting mostly bases and shipyards on Halimede, Sao, Laomedeia, Psamathe, and S/2004 N1. The bases will hold the not yet established Third Fleet, which will protect ANF interests in the Neptune area and guard the approach from outside the Sol System to Earth.
  • Moons of Uranus: On the moons of Puck and Ariel, we have two fully self sustainable bases and factories, a quarter of the not yet established Fifth Fleet will be stationed here.
  • Multiple Asteroids in the Sun-Earth Area: Currently, these asteroids are frigate bases but will soon expand to included proper ports, shipyards, mines, outposts, and etc. The not yet established Second Fleet will be stationed here to protect ANF interests in the area.
    • -----The Vulcanoid Asteroids are a belt of asteroids close in to the Sun(closer than Mercury). These asteroids are the future location of the Space Submarine Pens.
  • Mercury: The entire planet and the space around it is considered Aneph territory. At the north pole, there is a giant liquid-metal refinery, shipyards, and a military base.
  • 10199 Chariklo: 250km centaur with two narrow, dense rings. An Aneph military base and factory is located on the centaur, and special defensive weapons platforms are hidden within the rings.
  • Telos: "After all is said and done, Aneph And Arendelle have managed to secure a roughly circular region of territory ten thousand kilometers across. The territory will be split between Aneph and Arendelle evenly, with Aneph taking mostly volcanic and mountainous regions, including one large supervolcano, that they can use to fuel their industry. Arendelle, on the other hand, opts in to taking cooler regions and ice caps, but grabs a signifigant portion of tropical lands near the equator as well. Pre-existing factories and population centers located in areas that aren't specifically claimed by one or the other are split evenly" (



Arendelle's Navy

-No embassy yet

United Aerospace Command

-Embassy located at New Carthage, Earth


-Embassy located at Tel Aviv, Israel


-Embassy located at Coronet, AIF

Non-Agression Pacts (NAP):



Sith Empire


-Earthshatter Missiles: These are large, heat- and pressure-resistant, drill-tipped missiles that come in several varieties, each launching a different type of geological attack on a ground based target.

  • Mk1: drills underground and detaches multiple nuclear warheads under a target . These detonate and vaporize the rock around them, creating a massive, radioactive, plasma-filled cavern that the target collapses into. Useful for large-scale destruction of hardened fortifications where other types of attacks aren't feasible.
  • Mk2: armed with a sonic pulse emitter, this missile drills under a target and locates ancient faults. Once a suitable fault or fracture has been located, the sonic pulse emitter generates directed pulses of vibrational energy at the fault line which destabilizes the fault and shatters the surrounding bedrock for several hundred meters around, triggering an earthquake, landslide, or avalanche. The Mk 2 is not as reliable due to the chances of there being no suitable faults lying around, but is useful for neutralizing mountain-based installations, or for quickly excavating large underground installations via shattering the rock and making it easier to dig out. This Earthshatter is often used in the construction of underground facilities.
  • Mk3: By far the most famous variant, the Mk 3 is arguably the most lethal. Unlike the other variants, the Mk3 burrows straight underground until it reaches depths capable of producing magma, detaching numerous nuclear warheads along its path. Once it detects it has burrowed deep enough to reach rocks hot enough to melt, it detonates all the detached warheads behind it, blasting open a large, continuous pipe to the surface. The pipe allows for the sudden decompression of the superheated rocks, which instantly melt into magma and experience violent degassing. The combination of the sudden melting, decompression, and degassing result in a violent surge of magma and volcanic gasses up the pipe towards the surface. The result is an incredibly violent artificial volcanic eruption that starts out with a plinian-style eruption with a large ash cloud, volcanic bombs, and pyroclastic flows radiating out from the pipe, and gradually tapers off, ending with runny lava flows that bury the area surrounding the target. The combination of pyroclastic surges, volcanic bombs, ashfall, and lava flows results in the near-total destruction and burial of large, surface-based targets such as cities, as well as burying all useful equipment under ash and lava, making it nearly impossible to salvage materials and/or rebuild in that region. It only works on targets that reside on bodies with active geology or subsurface oceans(where it can be used to cause cryovolcanoes), but packs a huge area of effect and is the ULTIMATE area-denial weapon. The Mk3 can also be modified for terraforming and other purposes.

-Warp synchronization(breaking into another ship's warp/slipspace/etc, used for attacking at warp)

-Warp detection(for warp attacks)

-FTL comms(since coordinating warp attacks needs that)

-Ultra high speed warp(for overtaking enemy vessels in a warp attack)

-Sublight drives(as seen by orion propulsion on the continent and subwarp maneuvering on Io)


-Advanced mining(including construction of secret underground facilities)

-Advanced Geologic Control(earthshatter missiles, controlling volcanoes because we live on them and use them)

-Optical cloaking (holographic cloaking + sensor blocking)

-Advanced Electronic Warfare

-Particle beams(traded from UAC)

-Warp disruptors(traded from UAC)

-Advanced railguns(traded from IN)

-MACs(found on the Constellation Aerospace Crusier Class)

-Fluoroantimonic Acid Weaponry(literally the most evil stuff that ever exists, its several quadrillion times more powerful than sulfuric acid irl)

-Advanced Cyberwarfare

-Continuous Microwarp Transportation: lets small vehicles such as fighters and aircraft reach extremely high speeds and maneuverability, without suffering intense G-forces, by combining normal propulsion with extremely rapid, extremely small, continuous warp jumps(about one thousand per second, each lasting one millisecond). 

-Mini MACs/Mass Driver: Think of it as a MAC+cannon that can fire repeatedly for anti-ship use.

-Hyper(sail)drives: Warping for surface vessels. 

-Basic Exoskeleton: A very basic exoskeleton that just amplifies the user's strength that is used in the army's new combat uniforms. 

Anti-Gravity Generators: Basically, it allows for hovering tanks...

-Disconnected Subspace Warp Bubbles(DSWB): basically lets a space submarine hide "below the universe." It creates a warp bubble around the space sub, then folds spacetime around the bubble so that the bubble is hidden. Finally, the bubble inside is pinched off from the rest of the universe like a drop of water, leaving a little neck, which is then twisted off much like tying the neck of a balloon. This allows the ship inside to effectively be cut off from the rest of the universe, completely undetectable and unattackable. The space sub can warp while submerged, it can surface and submerge at will, and can fire torpedoes out of its closed-off space into the rest of the universe through CMT-derived manipulations which open holes to the outside universe that last for less than a fraction of a second, just long enough to fire torpedoes through. NOTE THAT THIS TECHNOLOGY ONLY WORKS WITH STREAMLINED HULL DESIGNS, so any ship using this technology has to be designed as a submarine. This is a pinnacle warp technology, and requires several advanced warp technologies to have been previously researched before a navy can research this.

-Plasma Torpedoes(A punchy space torpedo that melts the enemies' armour and if it gets through the armour, is just highly likely to disintegrate the insides. However, if hit and detonated, the same will occur to the vessel carrying it, making it a double-edged sword. Due to this risk, only frigates and the Eldrich Class will be able to use it.) 

-Gravitational Pulse Cannon(wave gun): The Gravitational Pulse Cannon is a large, capital-ship grade primary weapons system with demanding power requirements that necessitate slow recharge times of thirty minutes per shot. The GPC is a wavegun; like a shotgun, its effects drop off drastically with distance. The GPC produces a series of extraordinarily sharp and powerful gravity wavefronts that propagate outwards at the speed of light. When one of these wavefronts hits matter, the positive "crest" of the gravity wave exerts an extreme gravitational force on the matter in the direction of the ship that fired the weapon. As the wave continues on, the matter then encounters the negative "trough" of the gravity wave, which then repels the matter away from the ship that fired the weapon. The overall effect is a rapid series of incredibly violent "push-pull" forces on different parts of a target at the same time as the series of wavefronts propogate through different parts of the target, resulting in sections of the target alternating between being pulled apart and crushed together, which results in the structural integrity of any objects hit by the wavefront being severely compromised. At close ranges, such as in a brawl between warships, the GPC can cause devastating structural stresses within any ships impacted, resulting in heavy damage to well-built and well-armored capital ships and near-complete structural and hull failure of anything less, not to mention causing severe hemorrhaging and possible internal organ rupture of crews. At moderate ranges, capital ships would be mostly unaffected, though lesser vessels can and will suffer some internal damage, while crews will be subject to nausea and some internal bleeding. At long ranges, the GPC would be virtually ineffective against all but the smallest ships and fighters, while crews would be subject to nausea and headaches.  

-Quantum Tunneling Technology (portals): Prototypes completed, description and applications coming soon.  

-Advanced Artificial Intelligence: developed to aid the development of portal technology, considered a failure(for now, until GLaDOS makes an appearance and shows that the technology DID work).  

Advanced Physiology



Advanced Electronic Warfare


Heavy Lasers

Advanced Rocketry

Asteroid Mining

Optical Cloaking


Advanced AI




Nano-tech Fabrication (general)

Advanced Metallurgy and Material Science

Nanite Armor Reconstruction

X-Ray Synchotron Devices: The radiation emitted from this device shuts down combustion in engines on contact, requiring a full systems purge and engine restart to get back online.

Weaponization - Dioxygen Difluoride

Advanced Bioengineering - Genetics

Hyperadvanced Composite Armors

Charged Plasma Accelerators: Railguns modified to shoot charged plasma in "bolts," capable of burning through armor and causing great AoE damage for the sacrifice of a normal rail slug's penetration.

Selective Perceptural Manipulation: Memetic weapon that affects the sensory centers of the brain, causing the subject's perceptions to be overriden by whatever the weapon is projecting.

Terror-Memes: Memetic weapons that cause unreasoning terror in any who perceive them.

Exodus Device Transportation: Allows for construction of the Exodus Drive, a device which allows an equipped ship to utilize other universes as a transportation medium -- effectively, an uninterdictable, undetectable point A to point B drive. Consumes a considerable amount of power.

Extremely Advanced Cyberwarfare: Cyberwarfare at its apex; coupled with the power of a sufficiently-advanced AI, it allows for the hijacking of orbital defense grids, fleets, and national power systems.

Warmind Transcendental Architecture: This technology allows for construction of the extremely complex data-architectures that allows Warminds to be created and evolve like humans, even up to and beyond the Point of Transcendence.

Wave Cancellation, Detection, and Analyzation Device: Analyzation of waveforms and cancellation of them by their opposing forms allows for construction of perfect silencers, active anti-wave weapon defenses, silent stealth power armor, and various other applications.

Anti-Flying-Ship Drone Swarms: Swarms of perfectly-coordinated drones utilizing a portion of Warmind transcendental data architecture. The shard-drones themselves are constructed with a monomolecular edge -- resembling spearpoints in both form and function -- and pulsed plasma thrusters, using atmospheric white noise to maneuver. This renders them both able to effortlessly cut through flying ships and avoid a significant percentage of all point-defense fire.

Rift Projectors: Effectively a supercharged slipspace drive in its earliest incarnation, it is now a device capable of projecting its effects to a distance of a full light-hour with a 55km area-of-effect thanks to kugelblitz power. Creates a slipspace rift and tears it open to unsustainable levels, collapsing higher-degree dimensional architecture into realspace. This has been shown to result in critical existence failure in all tested objects.

Void Shield Generators

Superior Railguns

Stellar Engineering

Kugelblitz Reactors: A concentration of energy so intense that it forms a singularity, whose radiation is harvested for energy.