Monarchy flag of arendelle by otakumilitia-d7cjpyd

We are Isolated but strong. Don't attempt to attack us. Otherwise, we will be friends with you.


1. What's your RP name

2. Ships you're bringing

3. What kind of Ice weapons will you research


Scenarios, to see where you'd fit in.

1. You see an enemy ship but a fellow ship has sunken into freezing waters. What do you do?

2. Your forces are much less than the enemies. What do you do?

3. You take enemy prisoners for extracting info. What tactics do you use to get the info?

4. Queen Elsa gives you permission to have Ice powers (TATO and I will eventually figure this out). What do you use it for?

5. You see a pile of snow and a little girl asks "Do you wanna build a snowman?". What do you do?


Head Admiral- Anders Elsen

Head Admiral- Anton

Admiral- Vicker-Olsen Snowth

Admiral- Albert Cunningham

Rear Admiral- Aunana Hallow

Rear Admiral- Heinrich von Shtuebenheimen

The Arendelle Fleet

Research & Technologies

Advanced Large Scale Munitions- 3.30.15 - ALSM allows for the rapid development and ease of production of all sorts of large-caliber weaponry and ammunition. It also nullifies the usual delays of incorporating other advanced technologies into large munitions.

Electrostatic Bond Dissolution- 8.18.15 - EBD allows for the instantaneous phase change of any solid substance to a liquid with variable viscosity, useful for sailing ships through solid land via liquefying the ground around them. Also great for liquefying the armor of an enemy vessel. Large scale munitions will be developed that utilize this technology, allowing for easier penetration of targets.

Biotechnology, Advanced Physiology, Cyberbio-fusion- retrieved from Interstellar Space Republic - allows development of advanced biotechnologies, allows manipulation of an organism's physiology, and allows the implementation of metallic alloys and circuitry into an organism's physiology to enhance said organism with improved characteristics such as rapid healing and increased strength.

Advanced DNA Sequencing- 9.25.15 - allows the sequencing and/or reconstruction of damaged and ancient DNA sequences and entire genomes.

Trivia and Random Stuff

-Our Queen recorded a song by the name of "Let it go". Since then, it has become one of the most popular songs in the world.

Foreign Affairs

NAP/Trade agreement with PANZER

Alliance with Aneph

Flying Ship Fleet Registry
Ship Class Description, Role, & Toughness Builder Number produced(planned) Notes(special abilities, main armament details, etc)
  • Superlarge, heavily armored ship destroyer
  • Capital ship
  • 4.534 million GJ toughness
Anton 17(3 planned)

The main armament consists of a full-traverse turret outfitted with a single 50m smoothbore gun, typical ammunition loadout consisting of 60 rounds each HEAS(High-Explosive Anti-Ship), APC(Armor Piercing Capped), and Cluster shells. Other, classified ammunition types are available. Average reload time of five minutes, but deals massive damage.

One HEAS shell will completely shatter small vessels and pass on through to hit others. A moderately armored ship(1.0 -2.0 million gj) will be crippled but not destroyed due to overpenetration. A large capital ship will suffer severe damage, and armored targets over 4.0 million gj toughness will be moderately damaged(APC shells will severely damage ships over 4.0million gj, but have a much-reduced blast radius and damage will not be as widespread inside the ship).

Each shell only has a muzzle velocity of 100 meters per second due to its immense size, but the shells carry disposeable one-time-use warp cores inside them(researched in advanced large-scale munitions) to warp them towards their target and make them harder to dodge without stepping up muzzle velocity. Upon a direct impact, kinetic energy alone is equivalent to nine kilotons of TNT, not counting any payload.

Secondary armament consists of 2040's and Doomsday turrets, as well as dual-purpose thrusters in the back that double as plasma-flamethrowers.

  • Completed, but details are not yet announced in RP
  • Anton's Flagship, Capital Ship
  • 3.089 million GJ toughness
Anton 3(2 more under construction, not yet revealed but secretly in commission)

Anton's new flagship, but its completion has not yet been announced by Anton. Only other Arendelle personnel are aware of the construction of the ship, but are not aware that it has been completed.

Contains a main armament setup that has never been seen before in the RP

Variant foregoing main armament in exchange for a 150m interplanetary artillery gun is being considered

Habakkuk ??? ??? ??? ???


  • Revoultionary new space submarine 
Anton 6(9 planned). 

Uses advanced DSWB technology developed by Aneph to submerge "below the universe." Look for DSWB in the Aneph technologies list to learn more about the specifics of the ships that use it.

Carries eight fifty-meter torpedo tubes, 4 bow and 4 stern, for attacking while "submerged." Torpedoes are scaled up from Aneph's Plasma Torpedo technology, made possible by Arendelle's experties in large-scale munitions. Carries two Doomsday deck guns for surfaced raiding of merchant targets. 

Technology from both Aneph and Arendelle was used to make the design work. As such, both navies operate this class of warship. Naming system is similar to German U-boat designations, with E-1, E-2, E-3, etc.

Kingdom of Isolation *Multipurpose Heavy Escort Heinrich 10 (100 planned)

Armed with 40 460mm guns, and with a large cargo bay capable of carrying and launching up to 300 aircraft.

They fill multiple roles for the fleet, including heavy escort, ground support, transport, and air strikes.


-Arendelle:(Earth, to the north-northwest of Norway)

-Tyche:(venus sized planet 250AU from the Sun, open to colonization by other navies)

-Heimdallr:(mercury sized planet 284 AU from the Sun, secret military planet installation)

-Oort Cloud:(regions of Oort Cloud closest to Heimdallr and Tyche extendeng outward in two cones focused on the planets)

-Telos: "After all is said and done, Aneph And Arendelle have managed to secure a roughly circular region of territory ten thousand kilometers across. The territory will be split between Aneph and Arendelle evenly, with Aneph taking mostly volcanic and mountainous regions, including one large supervolcano, that they can use to fuel their industry. Arendelle, on the other hand, opts in to taking cooler regions and ice caps, but grabs a signifigant portion of tropical lands near the equator as well. Pre-existing factories and population centers located in areas that aren't specifically claimed by one or the other are split evenly" (