Australia Flag
Flag of Australia

Full Name

The Commonwealth of Australia


Prime Minister


No information


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

National Language



Australian Dollar (AUD)


No information

National Anthem

Advance Australia Fair by Peter Dodds McCormick


G'day mates, welcome to the Commonwealth of Australia! With a population of over 32 million, our homeland consists of the entire Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and several other islands in Oceania. Following the prevention of our government's removal in a campaign referred to as "Operation Global Endeavour" by the United States, we have made a promise to both the Australian people and neighbouring countries that merged with us that we would maintain our role as the regional superpower (with the exception of New Zealand, as they wish to remain independent and maintain our close alliance). We maintain an "Australia First" policy, meaning that we put the interest of the Australian people first before getting involved in world conflicts, but we aren't going to just simply surrender if we are attacked 'cause we'll be ready for anything.

Recruitment Application


Government of Australia

Political Leadership TBA



Homeland Defence Force

The Homeland Defence Force is the homeland security branch of the Australian Defence Force, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as the successor to the Australian Border Force. Many characteristics are shared between the HDF and the United States Department of Homeland Security, as they focus on security issues affecting the country internally, rather than externally. Key components of the HDF include the Australian Coast Guard, the Australian Transportation Saftey Administration, the Australian National Guard, and the National Law Enforcement Committee. Almost all personnel in the Coast Guard and National Guard are reserve personnel aligned with any of the three major service branches.

Australian Army

The Australian Army is the primary land force of the Australian Armed Forces. The Army comprises of several infantry brigades and a number of airborne and armoured battalions, as well as reserve forces within the National Guard. The 1st, 3rd, and 7th Brigades are the only amphibious brigades within the Army, acting as the Amphibious Ready Element.


Troop Transport Helicopters



Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Submachine Guns

Royal Australian Air Force


Royal Australian Navy


Surface Fleet

Aircraft Carriers

Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Ark Royal Harmonmj13 4 Planned

Amphibious Assault Ships

Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Global Endeavour Harmonmj13 8 Active


Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status


Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Vigilance Harmonmj13 32 Planned


Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Hobart Harmonmj13 30 Active


Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Adelaide Harmonmj13 6 Active


Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Typhoon Harmonmj13 45 Planned

Patrol Vessels

Class Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Type 01 Harmonmj13 62 Active


Class Type Builder/Operator Number of Ships Status
Barracuda Attack Submarine (SSN) Harmonmj13 25 Active

Support Vessels

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