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Battleship Craft Navies

The Battleship Craft Navies is a Roleplay wiki where you can give info about your fleet or nation. All organized navies, fleet and nation pages are located here. This is the official site for the navies, not the game. For the game, visit Battleship Craft Wiki.

Looking for a navy? New recruits head over to our Navy Listings to join a Navy.

Think you got what it takes? Start by joining a navy or nation and learning the ropes! Once you are ready, you can even start your own navy/nation and find out if you can make it to the big leagues as an interstellar superpower!

Hold on there cadet! Before you start your career, please take into consideration that you must follow the wiki rules! view them here!

  • Y0ki3GGNET

    Okay, so I'm pretty sure everyone here's aware by know of the downfall this wiki has been taking for the past few months or so. We've lost much of our user base and the core concept of what this wiki was created for has pretty much been lost. I blame most of this on me as I've neglected the servici…

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  • Y0ki3GGNET

    Greetings Admirals, Officers and Sailors! Once again I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to be a part of our community, wiki and affiliates of our wiki. Many of you know that currently there is an ongoing dispute regarding the state of our role play and the wiki in general. While we, as a com…

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  • Void Samukai

    This matter I'm about to bring up is due to the bickering and arguing of a selected bunch of users and one navy which for some reason is still here, but that last point is for another topic entirely.

    It is also because I'm getting sick of all the flaming going on that I wanted to express my opinion …

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  • Marcboy99

    That's All Folks

    August 5, 2017 by Marcboy99

    Hey, that was a great run guys. Started on 6/29/13 and officially ending on 8/5/17. It was fun. Now while the actual RP is moving to Galaxies, which can be found here, the name plus the history attached to it is ending today. The wikia has been thro…

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  • SpicyViper

    If any one comes across andromeda tell him to hang himself for being an ass because I'm quitting wsc for his attitude in thinking I'm lying when I'm telling him blue in the face the truth

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  • WolfKingDemon

    due to losingmy iPad, thus not being able to get hansa or build new ships, i will be taking a break from RP. my israeli characters and ships will be under Marc's control, and AIF ships and characters will be controlled by kevin. contact me below if …

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  • Y0ki3GGNET

    Why, hello there. If you are reading this you are either browsing through our category of furniture, or thinking of joining our not-so-covert navy. You're probably wondering...who am I? Why, I am Darksire, Leader of HYDRAXIS Furniture and Ship Build…

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  • Y0ki3GGNET

    The international ship building association provides support and builds ships to help other navies and foundations in thier ventures and actions. We also do have a growing navy of our own. Our navy has a formidable that has many battleships and nume…

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  • Y0ki3GGNET

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    aqjmuidghiumjni8morjtve,uhiocj,twsymkcujafy9poskujm,tfskum,opxwkfx,sijxmoptyv kmur6op cfykum,tropumx-qas


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Welcome to the BSC Navies wiki! The community is trying to sort some things out at the moment, please bear with us and keep sailing!

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