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our emblem and ensign

Not yet listed as inactive. Scout, please begin editing and using this navy in RP if you want it not to be inactive-listed.

Hello we are the Cerberus Armed Forces. We are dedicated to helping our allies and keeping world peace. We have nearly unlimited funding from a very powerful economy.


  • Admiral of the Navy Scoutwulf575: A young but experienced commander he has been through much with the SAN and the ISAF and wishes to continue his tradition of naval excellence.
  • Admiral Nyx: A former UR admiral who joined the CAF after she was captured and tortured by Ed.
  • Vice Admiral General Yamamoto22448:
  • Ensign Jacob Andrews: A newly enlisted officer serving with the CAF
  • Rear Admiral Micheal Furtuso: a skilled ship designer that served in the docks of USNF Admiral Guy, he came to the CAF on ambition.
  • Rear Admiral Shinato: An veteran sailor who has gone through both the UR/ISAF war and Russian/US war. He is currently serving with the US and AFOH.

Navy/Air Force

Task Forces

Stealth Task Force 160 Motto: Utrum Mors Sit Dignitate


CAF Dawn

CAF Valkyre

CAF Backstab

CAF Prometheus

CAF Archangel

CAF Infiltrator

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