Page for Srikrirn system RPing. Detailed system information TBA

The most prominent planet in the system, 4th from the sun in terms of main planets, the planet is very tropical, having many continents and islands, mostly with tropical rainforests, temperate forests near the poles from about 60 degrees down/up(depends on pole), with snow and other colder climates very near the poles(which doesn't matter all that much, that's still a good chunk of land that has lots of snow and hail and such.), with multiple oceans caused by the distances between the continents, with archipelago dotting in the middle of them. It's gravity is 1.2 times Earth's gravity. Human beings could easily live on this planet, but there is a very likely chance they will die due to taking in too much oxygen if they breath as they normally do. Temperature on the planet's equator averages out to about 80ºF year around, with some days as high as 100ºF(This planet actually lacks deserts, except one big one on one particular continent in the north, caused by mountains blocking it from rain, and in that area the temperatures can soar to 120ºF in the summer, and even then it still has some water.), and while still hospitable to most species on the planet, humans will probably die from heat stroke in that region if they don't have anything to keep them cool or not have plenty of water.

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