Gallian Republic

République gallien

Flag Third Gallian Republic


Tous les hommes deviennent frères
All people become brothers



Official Language

English, French




Federal parliamentary republic


  • Lucille Georgette Asquith


State Council




Rose of Gallia

The Third Gallian Republic is the official and legitimate successor to the Gallian Empire. The Republic seeks only to carry on the light of legacy that the Empire has once stood for: Unity and loyalty to the country. United together in brotherhood, the Republic seeks to use our strength for the greater good of the human race, unlike the Provisional Government, who sought only their own betterment at the cost of others.


  • Chancellor/Chancelier Lucille Georgette Asquith
  • Deputy Chancellor/Chancelier adjoint Frederick Hamilton Parker

The Cabinet

  • Department of State Affairs/Département d'État
    • Secretary of State/Secrétaire d'État Andrew Phillips
  • Department of the Treasury/Département du Trésor
    • Secretary of the Treasury/Secrétaire du Trésor Veronica Hale
  • Department of Defence/Département de l'défense
    • Secretary of Defence/Secrétaire de l'Défense Douglas Edwards
  • Department for Foreign Affairs/Département des affaires étrangères
    • Secretary of Foreign Affairs/Ministère des Affaires étrangères Maximilian Christopher Morris
  • Department for Science/Département de science
    • Secretary of Science/Secrétaire de Science Stanley Walker
  • Department of Justice/Ministère de l'Justice
    • Secretary of Justice/Ministère de l'Justice Cornelius Stuart-Hawthorne
  • Department for Labour/Département du travail
    • Secretary of Labour/Secrétaire du Travail Emilia Gallagher

Army of the Republic

  • Field Marshal/Maréchal Arthur Kingsley
  • General/Général TBA
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général TBA

  • Fleet Admiral/Amiral de la flotte Alexander Blythe
  • Admiral/Amiral TBA
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral TBA
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral TBA

  • Field Marshal/Maréchal Brandon Gardner
  • General/Général TBA


  • Earth
    • Gallia (Population: 328,503,920) (Capital: Wittenham)
      • Ellis-Philips Shipyard Complex, Covington-Morecambe, Northhampton (Superfactory, Aerospace Ships)
    • New Belkan (Population: 51,754,570) (Regional Capital: New Belka, Emmelningen)
    • East Armadia (Population: 34,854,680) (Regional Capital: Farindon, Stratdown)
  • Mars
    • New Gallia (Population: 78,460,520) (Regional Capital: New Manchester, MC-05)
      • Gallian Aerospace Consortium, Bytham-Rotherham, MC-06 (Superfactory, Aerospace Ships)
  • Sol System
    • 20000 Varuna (Population: 836,750)
      • Base Odysseus (Superfactory, Aerospace Ships)
    • 38628 Huya (Population: 167,360)


As of now, applications for the Army of the Republic are currently closed.


Advanced Rocketry
Advanced Warp
Asteroid Mining
Advanced Physiology
Advanced Metallurgy/Material Sciences
Advanced Nuclear Technology
Advanced Fusion Reactors
Advanced Combat Gear

Advanced Railguns
Advanced Targeting Systems
Laser Weapons
Laser Point Defense
Advanced Laser Weapons
Magnetic Accelerating Cannons
Heavy Ship Lasers
Weapons Satellites
Advanced Missile Systems
Weapons Satellites
Guided Munitions
Orbital Lasers
Particle Beams
Superlaser Weapons
Advanced MCMs (Series I)
Advanced MCMs (Series II)
Advanced Particle Beams

Artificial Intelligence
Sublight Drives
Warp Detection
FTL Communications
Nanobot Fabrication
Superfast Warp
Warp Disruption

Army of the Republic (Armée de la république)

The Army of the Republic (French: Armée de la république) is the Gallian Republic's military forces. One of the greatest focuses of the Army is the expansion of the military across all three Services, of which purpose is to mainly defend the Republic from threats. While the Third Civil War and the Protoss attack on Earth might've reduced the entire military to a shadow of what it was once was, the Army of the Republic is still fairly formidable as a fighting force.

The Army of the Republic consists of three Services: the Republican Army (French: Armée républicaine), the ground forces component; the Republican Navy (French: Marine républicaine), the surface and aerospace naval component; and the Republican Air Force (French: Force aérienne républicaine), the aerial forces component. There is a smaller sub-Service on these three, though, and that is the Republican Guard (French: Garde républicaine). Any formation bearing the Guard name throughout the three Services are the most elite formations available in the Army of the Republic.

The ultimate goal of the Army of the Republic is to lead the Republic into a superpower status once more, so that the Republic can be able to fend off any attacks, whether from foreign states and entities or non-human species from outside the Sol System.

Republican Army (Armée républicaine)

The ground forces component of the Army of the Republic, and the second largest. Formed from the restructured Ground Warfare Arm of the Provisional Gallian Army, the Republican Army is one of the most crucial components of the Army of the Republic. The Republican Army is in charge of protecting the security and sovereignty of the Republic on land.


Vehicle Name Production Rate Amount
Centurion II Mk 4 90 (1 week) 450
Centaur Mk 2 65 (1 week) 325
Cougar Mk 1 150 (1 week) 750
Chariot Mk 1 125 (1 week) 625


Formation Amount of Troops Composition
District 3,686,400 4 Army Groups
Army Group 921,600 4 Armies
Army 230,400 3 Corps
Corps 76,800 4 Divisions
Division 19,200 4 Brigades
Brigade 4,800 2 Regiments
Regiments 2,400 2 Battalions
Battalion 1,200 5 Companies
Company 240 5 Platoons
Platoon 48 2 Sections
Section 24 2 Squads
Squad 12 2 Fireteams
Fireteam 4

Republican Navy (Marine républicaine)

The surface and aerospace naval component of the Army of the Republic, and by far the largest. Partly restructured from the amalgamated Naval and Aerospace Warfare Arm of the Provisional Gallian Army, the Republican Navy is the Army of the Republic's means of projection of naval power wherever the Republic is at. Currently, most of the Navy is in a state of disrepair due to neglect, and most of the ships may need to be scrapped.


Class Name Production Rate Amount
Empire 6 90 (600)
Crowne 4 46 (400)
Daedalus 3 45 (300)
Duke of Greybank 6 87 (600)
Monarch 4 54 (400)
Bellerophon 2 33 (250)
Temeraire 1 19 (150)
Kingsbridge 4 46 (450)
Poltergeist 3 37 (350)
Scipion 5 47 (500)
Marlborough 5 58 (500)
Bridgeport 4 26 (400)
Indefiable 4 22 (450)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Admiral 8 127 (850)
Sentinel 4 50 (400)
Princess Royal 6 100 (650)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Constitution 1 15 (100)
Aphrodite .5 5 (50)
Ghost 4 35 (450)
Phantom 4 35 (450)
Cobra 4 35 (450)
Amphitrite .25 4.5 (12)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Richmond 3 45 (300)
Infallible 4 60 (400)
Invincible 4 54 (400)
Barfleur 3 28 (300)

Class Name Builder Amount
Delphinium 7 46 (750)
Highflyer 8 52 (850)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Coldharbour 13 195 (1,350)
Lancaster 12 18 (1,200)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
PT-1 Interceptor 75 937 (7,500)
Elise George Seymour 1 (1)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Chadwick 17 245 (1,750)
Gladiator 12 84 (1,300)

Class Name Class Production Rate Amount
Arion Light Cruiser 8 41 (250)
Dione Battleship 1 7 (75)
Empress' Orb Battleship 3 17 (150)
Artemis Heavy Cruiser 5 33 (200)
Athena Aerospace Fortress .25 3 (12)
Demeter Battleship 4 24 (150)
Hera Superbattleship .25 3 (12)
Eos Medium Battleship 2 38 (125)
Eirenne Heavy Transport Ship 4 23 (175)
Hecate Superbattleship .25 2 (12)
Hestia Heavy Cruiser 5 33 (200)
HELIOS Killsat 30 250
Gaia Superbattleship .25 2 (12)
Titan Light Frigate 15 92 (600)
Iris Supercarrier .25 2 (12)
Nike Battleship .75 2 (50)
Persephone Battleship 2 6 (75)
Phantasm Battleship 2 5 (75)
Argus Heavy Frigate 8 33 (450)
Mayflower Heavy Frigate 10 41 (450)
Rhea Battleship .25 2 (75)
Selene Battleship .25 2 (75)
Themis Aerospace Fortress .25 2 (50)
Resolution Heavy Cruiser 3 12 (200)
Millennium Heavy Cruiser 2 10 (200)



Republican Air Force (Force aérienne républicaine)

The air forces of the Army of the Republic, and the smallest. Reorganised from the Air Warfare Arm of the Provisional Gallian Army, the Republican Air Force is in charge of defending the sovereign airspace of the Republic. It mostly consists of equipment from the Imperial Air Service.



Formation Amount of Fighter Jets Composition
Air Corps 3,072-9,600 3-4 Air Divisions
Air Division 1,024-2,400 8-10 Wings
Wing 128-240 4-5 Squadrons
Squadron 32-48 2-3 Flights
Flight 16

News and Announcements


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