HYDRAXIS flag better

Full Name

"HYDRAXIS Furniture and Ship Building Corporation"




HXFS Mirage

Active Ships

Unknown Amount

Active Military

Unknown Amount


Sviatoslav Republic



Why, hello there. If you are reading this you are either browsing through our category of furniture, or thinking of joining our not-so-covert navy. You're probably wondering...who am I? Why, I am Darksire, Leader of HYDRAXIS Furniture and Ship Building Corporation. I sell furniture, but I do not sell my ships. We specialize in several types of ships, mostly flying ships. If you are considering joining us, keep reading. If you are considering buying furniture...stop reading and go to your nearest store!

Now, if you are considering joining, I'd warn you that working for HYDRAXIS is a job that takes skill to do. You must make the best, most well armed ships. I don't care if they're pretty, or ugly. Also, by joining you get a free passageway to Neo-Earth, and space, as well as a large supply of HYDRAXIS Furniture. Now that I've told you that, please join.


  • What's your GC?
  • Do you hack? If so, do you have a mod? What mod?
  • What kind of ships do you build?
  • What will your fake name be?

Risk Level

HYDRAXIS Risk Levels
No risk Slight risk Moderate risk High risk Severe risk
With every navy's bloodlust these days, we must concentrate on defending ourselves.



No-Fire Truces:


  • None


  • Fleet Admiral Darksire: Darksire is the leader of the HYDRAXIS Furniture and Ship Building Corporation. Darksire was a former UR Admiral who lusted after money, but quit after Razanal threatened mind control. Since then, Darksire has reformed himself, although he still likes money a lot. He almost always wears a gasmask, and has a prosethic robot arm. Played by DocWeldin
  • Admiral Chief of Furniture Warui Kimochi: Warui Kimochi was a man who took a dark path. From the beginning, he delighted himself in the torturing and killing of others, and went to become the greatest crime lord of Chicago. He once hired Darksire to do a assassination job, and later joined his navy, HYDRAXIS. He settles for a different job now, as chief of furniture, but when Darksire is gone, he takes control. No one in the navy seems to be fond of him, except Darksire, due to his abnormal height, his permanent grin, his giant all-seeing eyes, his constant beating up of members who fail his expectations, and the fact that he slurs the letter S all the time. However, he is still someone you don't want to mess around with, and there is a reason why many members call him the worst boss ever. Played by DocWeldin
  • Honorary GPS Delusion D-40: An AI that once went rampant, and may or may not have managed its own navy with the goals of completing a metallic planet. Nowadays, to limit its power, it has been delegated to the role of Darksire's GPS. Although a AI, it dreams of electric sheep and a return to power. Played by DocWeldin
  • Admiral Zerstörer: A former UR Admiral who joined HYDRAXIS in order to put his marvelous shipbuilding and strategical talents back to use, though when the UR was still active, he did not become a known member of it, but he was there, waiting for the right time to appear, and that time came when Russia and Israel entered in tension,he has also a great taste for luxury and comfort, his ships mostly combine comfort and firepower, not to mention he pays attention to every detail of any ship he builds. Played by PhantomXT Ace Mx
  • Beowulf Vernichten: Beowulf isn't the person you'd want to cross at your daily Wal-Mart. Beowulf has been very obsessive with the sight of murder and bloodshed, and will do anything it takes to fulfill his master's orders. Since when he was very young, he has committed thousands of crimes that involve shoot outs, murders, bounty hunting, etc. and has even worked as a military mercenary. Now, he's found HYDRAXIS, and will do his best to complete any mission that Darksire sends him on... Even if it's a suicide mission. Also at some times he can be a bit crazy, just don't let him drink too much alcohol, or you'll won't be able to move for some time, got it? Played by WolfgangBSC
  • Spiritus (Latin for Ghost): An expreienced member of HYDRAXIS. He is currently commanding a water and air fleet. He has traded plans for brute strength, willing to crush all enemy opposition. He is know for carrying a supressed and laser sighted M9 as well as a MK46 with a red dot and a pistol grip.
  • Trinity Winter: Trinity has many talents; some useful, some not. She is quite a good figure skater, she is also very strategic in her battle plans to name a few. Most of her ships lean toward the graceful and elegent side, but some may defy this stereo type. She is currently working for the DPL until HYDRAXIS becomes active again. Played by ficus7.
  • Joseph Cain: One of the most respected assassins and ship planners in the world. He prefers peace and tranquility,but he will talk and breathe war if he is angry enough. A smart individual,he can divise traps,and ambushes that the enemy can't think of,until it is too late. Played by Maceswinger
  • Tempest WInter: Trinity's older sister and shares a few traits but differs considerably in others.


Darksire's Fleet
Zerstorer's Fleet
Beowulf's Fleet
Tempest's Fleet
Spiritus's Fleet
Trinity's Fleet
Joseph's Fleet

Ship Register

Aircraft Carriers

 *HXAC Chameleon - several in service
 *HXAC Quadratic - several in service
 *HXAC Anhillator II - several in service
 *HXAC Conqueror - several in service
 *HXAC Schimiter - several in service


 *HYDRAXIS Starter Yacht - mass produced and given to all that join

Flying Ships

 *HXFS Stratosphere - several in service, not in production anymore
 *HXFS Countdown - several in service, not in production anymore
 *HXFS Psycho - several in service, not in production anymore
 *HXFS Spitter - 1 in service
 *HXFS Rook - several in service
 *HXFS Pincer - several in service
 *HXFS Stratosphere II - several in service
 *HXFS Countdown II - several in service
 *HXFS Psycho II - several in service
 *HXFS Radiation - many in service 
 *HXFS Fission - many in service
 *HXFS Stinger - 65 in service
 *HXFS Macross - many in service
 *HXFS Cortina - many in service
 *HXFS Hyperion - 5 in service,10 planned
 *HXFS Hercules - 10 in service,10 planned
 *HXFS Auk - many in service
 *HXFS Odin - 10 in service,not in production anymore
 *HXFS Loki - 10 in service,not in production anymore
 *HXFS Zeus - 1 made so far,not in production anymore
 *HXFS Hyperion Mod II - 10 in service, none planned
 *HXFS Odin Mod II - 5 in service, none planned
 *HXFS Loki Mod II - 2 in service, none planned
 *HXFS Zeus Mod II - 1 in service, none planned
 *HXFS Æther - Several in service
 *HXFS Cerberus - 10 in service,10 planned
 *HXFS Atlas - 5 in service, 5 planned
 *HXFS Prometheus - 1 in service, 1 backup
 *HXFS Epimetheus - 1 in service, none more planned
 *HXFS Phaedra - several in service

Nuke Launchers

 *HXNL Smog - 10 in service

Arsenal Ships

 *HXAS Liberator - 15 in service, 25 planned


 *HXBS Fencer - several in service
 *HXBS Hell - several in service
 *HXBS Pawn - serveral in service
 *HXBS Yan - several in service
 *HXBS Yin - several in service
 *HXBS Day - several in service
 *HXBS Night - several in service
 *HXBS Sideswipe - several in service
 *HXBS Aries - 10 in service,10 planned
 *HXBS Tempest - several in service
 *HXBS Armeggedon - several in service
 *HXBS Pike - several in service
 *HXBS Ghost - 1 in service

Merchant Ships

 *HXMS Jacket - several in service


*HXLC Revolution Class - several in service
*HXLC Sorrow Class - several in service 
*HXLC Hellbound Class - several in service


*HXDS Retribution Class - 10 in service, 90 planned
*HXDS Firestorm - several in service
*HXDS Rapier - several in service
*HXDS Scavenge - several in service

Littoral Combat Ships

*HXLCS Dusk Class - several in service
*HXLCS Schimiter II - several in service

Patrol Ships

*HXPS Spear Class - many in service


 *HXAB Annihilator - many in service


 *HXSB Obsedian - several in service
 *HXSB Archon - several in service
 *HXSB Archon II - several in service

Special Purpose Ships

 *HXSPS Excalibur - several in service


 *HXDS Lookout - several in service
 *HXDS Sting - several in service

In Construction

Delusion Planes (old)

HYDRAXIS Planes (new)


A3 battle robot

A3 battle robot
Status of A3 battle robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production
The main infantry unit of Delusion, the A3 battle robot is versatile, and great in any situation. One difference that they have from normal human soldiers, is that they are rather relentless, and will function until all their limbs are knocked off. They also have tails, used for reloading their guns, or throwing grenades, while doing other tasks, making them excellent multi-taskers. Furthermore, their advanced AI allows them to shoot accurately, and make complex plans and tactics. However, like all normal soldiers, they are nothing more than cannon fodder.

FH scout robot

FH-series robot
Status of FH scout robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production

HL assault robot

HL-series robot
Status of HL assault robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production
The HL assault robot is not very fast. In a sprinting race, a A3 robot could probably beat one. However, they are much more resistant to damage than A3 robots, and are much harder to hit in the right spots for fatal damage. In their arms (some have in the left, others have it in the right, rarely have it in both) is a light laser cannon, just as deadly as a normal laser rifle. Although this makes them less versatile than the A3s, they turn out to be specialized tanky soldiers, capable of doing their main job very well.

SP sniper robot

SP-series robot
Status of SP sniper robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production

HM commander robots

HM robot
Status of HM commander robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production
On the battlefield, the equivalent of a captain for a Delusion infantry army would be a HM commander robot. They are as relentless as the A3, but are far more fearsome, towering at seven feet tall. For one, although they only have one hand, the other arm carries a large laser cannon, capable of injuring tanks, and destroying any soldier in its line of fire. However, this laser cannon takes a while to charge, about 30 seconds (time is crucial on the battlefield), and reaches a distance of 75m. The laser cannon, contrary to popular belief, is not what makes the HM robot so fearsome, sadly. Rather, in their chests, there is a whole hive's worth of killer hornets, genetically modified by Delusion to have very quick growth from baby to adult, a average lifespan of two years, and a poison in their stingers that could instantly kill a elephant. Furthermore, the HM robots can mind control these hornets, allowing them to cause as much havoc as possible.

SG attack robots

SG-series robot
Status of SG attack robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production
Called the SG-series attack robot, these robots are highly maneuverable, levitating in the air, with armor equal to that of a HL. They have three arms, one with a armor penetrating laser rifle, another with a flamethrower, and one last arm for holding objects, like another gun, or a buzzsaw (which is usually what they hold). They are probably the best swordsmen of the Delusion troops, and are of the same rarity of the HM-series, which they are commonly found with. They are very accurate with their laser rifle, making them deadly at close range and far range.

GD necromancer robots

GD-series robot
Status of GD attack robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production
The letters "GD" in this robot's case stand for Gravedigger, for a reason. A distant cousin of the HM commander robot, these robots sacrifice a large laser cannon arm for two more arms. They have four legs, making them faster runners than their counterparts, and have much better armor than the HMs, able to resist high caliber bullets, and lasers from guns. Their main trait is the ability to expel a gas, containing a formula to infect those who are alive, and turn them into "shamblers" when they are dead. These shamblers are more resistant to damage than their human counterparts, and usually attack mindlessly anything around them. However, the GD necromancer robot has a mind control chip inside of it, dedicated to mind controlling these shamblers. Since this chip is taken from the HM robots, it can mind control the same amount of shamblers as a HM can control hornets, and give them complex tasks such as picking up weapons, karate, and even dancing (dancing package optional).

Grim R-3 robots

Grim R-3 V2
Status of Grim R-3 elite robot production
Very fast production Fast production Medium production Slow production Limited production
The Grim R-3 robots are the most elite soldiers of Delusion's infantry, able to go toe to toe against other elite soldiers, and come out victorious (although badly damaged). They have a height of ten feet, and although it makes them a big target, and not good for stealth, it is the sheer brute force they have, and their resistance to bullets and lasers, that makes them so deadly. One kick from them can easily send a Spartan flying. They are also agile, for their size, making them even worse of a opponent to face. When on the battlefield, they carry heavy weapons with ease, such as holding large miniguns with only one hand.

Chessboard is HYDRAXIS's brand new retail store, where anyone from around the world can sell their products on. They offer several services, and their shipping is extremely quick due to the power of warp technology. You can be expected to get items from Japan to America in 1-2 days.

A special service, Chessboard Tea, gets restaurant quality food to you in just 1 hour, thanks to, once again, Powders that warp to your location. (Permission by nations may slow down or restrict Chessboard Tea, please see lawbook for details)

If you want extra fast shipping (like 2 hour), secure protection/tracking of orders, and completely awesome deals, then sign up for Chessboard Knight! (Rates are different depending on where you live, please see lawbook for details)




  • Cloaking: Experimented with by Delusion to great effect on Palusincola planes and Patefacta, purchased AIF-level cloaks from Yevata. The Palusincola and Patefacta cloaks are just as, or better than AIF, but due to their complex system cannot be mass produced to the same effect without becoming... bad.
  • Warp Disruption: Purchased from Yevata
  • MACs: Partially researched by Delusion, accelerated after purchasing from Yevata, accelerated further after purchasing from ANF
  • Blinking: Purchased from Yevata
  • Super-heavy Ship Lasers: Researched, TBA
  • Superheavy Railguns: Purchased from ANF
  • Better Reactors to fit ANF's railguns on SOME classes of ships: Researched in 1 weeks for multiple ships, one ship will carry out quickly made prototypes however.
  • Ships Dedicated to Lasers: Researched, TBA
  • Sentient AI: Researched, used for several ships
  • Normal AI: Researched, used for majority of ships
  • Robot Soldiers: Researched.
  • Controlling Wasps: Researched by Delusion
  • Controlling Dead Soldiers: Researched by Delusion
  • Flight: A given.
  • Point Defense AI: Researched from Enlignumlapis
  • Killsats: Researched, employed through the Ghast II class
  • Death Beams: HYDRAXIS exclusive tech, although most navies have a form of it nowadays.
  • Superstition Drive: HYDRAXIS Exclusive Tech (an RP handwavium explanation for a in-game find)

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