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The IAA Armed Forces Division is in charge of all military actions as well as keeping tabs on military assets and any non-naval vessel hardware including tanks, fighter jets, troops, and weapon systems.


Air Superiority Fighters

Ground Attack Aircraft

Multi Role Aircraft

Logistical and Support Aircraft

Advanced Airborne Weapon Systems


Infantry Weapons


Designation/Name Description Magazine Firemodes

Submachine Guns

























AT Launchers










Main Battle Tanks

T-100 Ogre 3

4M100 "Ogre"

The 4M100 Ogre is an all purpose MBT. It is extremely lethal and is capable of engaging aircraft, helicopters, tanks, and fortifications. While not the fastest tank, it makes up for its lack of speed with thick armour and a powerful railgun. It has two coaxial and one remote control heavy machinegun, a top mounted ATGM launcher, and two side mounted 30mm rotary cannons. The vehicle is covered in integrated ERA panels and composite ceramic armour.

Weight: 101 tons

Length: 10m

Width: 4m

Height: 4m

Top Speed (Road, Offroad, Allterrain): 72/51/35 kph

Range: 750k

Armour Values

Location Thickness Effective AP/SC Slope ERA
Upper Glacial Plate 1000 mm 1500/3000 mm RHA 65 Integrated, Bricks
Lower Glacial Plate 800 mm 1200/2400 mm RHA 50 Integrated
Sides, Hull 700 mm 1050/2100 mm RHA 5 Integrated
Rear, Hull 600 mm 900/1800 mm RHA --- None
Top, Hull 600 mm 900/1800 mm RHA --- Integrated
Turret, Face 1200 mm 1800/3600 mm RHA 50 Integrated, Bricks
Turret, Sides 900 mm 1350/2700 mm RHA 45 Integrated, Bricks
Turret, Rear 900 mm 1350/2700 mm RHA --- Integrated
Turret, Roof 800 mm 1200/2400 mm RHA --- Integrated

Vehicle Systems

System Description Other Information
17R5 Railgun A 90mm Precision Railgun with a 7,000 m/s API round capable of penetrating 1600mm RHA at 2000m and a low velocity HEP round capable of blasting a two foot by two foot crater in concrete.
M450C HMG x2 Two coaxially mounted HMG's firing at 900 rpm.
M450R HMG A remote control HMG mounted on the roof of the turret.
17A30 Gattling x2 A pair of tri barreled 30mm gattling guns firing HEI for air or infantry defence. Mounted on the sides of the turret.
14M45 Skylark ATGM 16L33 Skylark ATGM launcher, three round variant. Fires Skylark wireguided ATGMS. Have an effective range of 5000m, can penetrate 1000mm RHA
Smoke Launcher x12 Six pairs of two 40mm smoke grenade and countermeasure launchers. Semiautomatic, three rounds each.
18N100 All Purpose Optical Kit An all weather infrared and thermal optics package. Includes gunner sights and viewports.
18S95 Gun Stabilization System A horizontal and vertical gun stabilizer capable of accurately tracking a target on even the roughest terrain at speeds of up to 80km/h
10K99 Targeting Suite Anti aircraft radar system coupled with the 17A30 gattling cannons and the 17R5 railgun. Enables those systems to fire accurately on fast moving aerial targets.
20U1 NBC Suite Provides full Nuclear Biological Chemical Protection for all vehicle occupants when activated. This system has two modes, manual and automatic.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Armored Personnel Carriers

Anti Aircraft Vehicles

Engineering Vehicles

Logistics Vehicles

Utility Vehicles

Artillery Systems

Advanced Vehicle Weapon Systems


Advanced Naval Weapon Systems

Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (MACs)

Name RPM Velocity Shell Weight TNT Equivalent Ammunition Types Notes Status
12A1 3 20,000 m/s 600 t 28 Kt KE, Frag Obsolete
12A1K2 5 30,000 m/s 600 t 64 Kt KE, Frag Replaces 12A1 Active
12A3 2 22,000 m/s 1,400 t 80 Kt KE, HE, Frag, Guided Active
12A5 1 50,000 600 t 179 Kt KE Testing


Name RPM Velocity Shell Weight TNT Equivalent Ammunition Types Notes Status
11R1 5 4,000 m/s 9.5 t 18 t KE Atmosphere Active
11R2 7 7,500 m/s 5 t 33 t KE, Airburst AA/CIWS Active
11R3 2 10,000 m/s 18 t 215 t KE, HE, Frag, Guided Active
11R4 0.8 14,000 m/s 30 t 702 t KE, HE, Frag, Guided Active
11R5 1.2 25,000 m/s 10 t 746 t KE, HE, Frag, Airburst AA/CIWS Active
11P12 900 40,000 m/s 2 lbs 173 kg KE AA/CIWS,


11P12B 1800 40,000 m/s 2 lbs 173 kg KE AA/CIWS,




Missile Systems


Name Range




14S99 Shipbreaker NA / 2 AU 20 kilotons / 34 m Warp Capable. Titanium-tungsten nosecone. Penetrates target prior to detonation (penetrates via kinetic force)
14B80 EFP Swordfish 2,200 km / 25,000 km 2,500 lbs / 5 m Fires a large copper EFP prior to impact with a target.
14A33 Sparrow 240 km / 3,000 km 70 lbs / 16 mm Proximity fuse, fragmentation warhead

Missile Launchers




16S11 The 16S11 missile silo is a modular missile system designed to load missile pods containing different types of payloads. Each launcher can house 16 pods 14P100 (14B80 x2), 14P101 (12A33 x15)
16A14 The 16A14 missile array is a collection of eight individually configurable silos connected to an advanced fire direction center. Can load 16S11 payloads as well as large ICBM style weapons. 14S99 x1, up to 16 14P1xx pods in each silo

Naval Vessels

Combat Vessels

Capital Ships


Battle Cruisers

1B300 Viable


C220 Dreadnaught

1C200 Archon


1D7 Almanan




R882 Siren

1R3 Indiscernible


1CV15 Axiom

Patrol Vessels


Anti Fighter Vessels


Fighter Interceptors


Fighter Bombers


Fleet Support Vessels

Logistics Vessels

2V55 (Supply Vessel, Large)

2V57 (Supply Vessel, Medium)

2V56 (Supply Vessel, Small)

2O72 (Oiler)

Utility Vessels

2S54 (Shuttle)

2T12 (Dropship)The 2T12 class of Dropships are large capacity armed dropships. They are excellent for getting troops and armour in and out of warzones.


Length Width Height Toughness Crew Role
185m 70m 55m 49,589GJ 29 Transport


Name Quantity Role Ammunition
Mk 1 MAC 4 S2S, Bombardment 40 rds each
Type 9 MPMP 4 AA/S2S 16 tubes each, +64
PDRG Mk 11 6 AA/CIWS 36,000 rds each

To be moved...

Designation/Name Description Magazine Firemodes Caliber/Gauge
S6.22 Thunderclap An extremely stable internally recoil compensated .50 caliber anti-materiel rifle. 6 Bolt action .50
MM60.12 Overwatch A heavyweight MMG designed primarily for overwatch and suppression work. Fires 20mm cannon rounds. 60/120 Full/Safe 20mm
AS12.12 CoRe 7 A light, durable semiautomatic assault shotgun designed for shock troops. 12 Semi/Safe 12 gauge
CS8.12 Maus A rugged pump action shotgun designed for breaching and close quarters combat. 8/5 Pump/Safe 12 gauge
SM40.7 Hellfire A bullpup SMG designed either as a PDW or for CQC. A 40mm under-barrel allows many different types of grenades to be employed. 40 Full/Burst (4) /Safe 7.62mm
HP9.22 Ambassador An oversized heavy framed .50 caliber pistol. 9/15 Semi/Safe .50


Designation/Name Description Targeting System Munitions
P121m A shoulder fired multi payload projector designed to handle most medium armor/air threats at medium/short range. IR/Radar/Thermal TBD


Name Range (atmosphere) Description
Mark One Airborne Laser 120 km A constant-beam laser weapon mounted under aircraft. High energy consumption and short range, but high damage. Comparable to the Tactical Laser System from Ace Combat.

Unguided Munitions

Name Range Description Special Notes
ACW-FR Variable, up to 250,000km An anti capital projectile. Requires a long charge time and very accurate targeting solutions for maximum effect. Displaces up to 50% of mass within an approximate 3 km radius to random locations nearby (within 15 km) Proximity fused to 100 meters. Upon successful detonation displaces up to 50% of mass within an approximate radius of 3 km to random locations. A direct impact renders the shell inert, although a direct impact is extremely improbable. If the shell misses it's target or fails to trigger the fusion reactor will melt down and detonate within 30 minutes of expected detonation.

Decoy Systems

Name Cooldown Effects Range
Slipspace Misdirection System Requires a fully charged SS Drive Masks the exit vector of a slipspace jump by generating thousands of fake jump signatures. Infinite

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