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The Interplanetary Aerospace Alliance

Interplanetary Aerospace Alliance
IAA Flag
This flag represents the unification of our Earth, Caelmare, and Mars colonies








Jason 'Doomwyte' Alister

Military Personnel:


Civilian Population:

3.12 Million

Primary HQ:

Installation 002

The Interplanetary Aerospace Alliance, or IAA, is a unified collection of colonies, military bases, research stations, industrial sites, and business fronts all working together towards the common goal of becoming one of the most powerful nations in the universe.

The IAA has no homeland and is spread all throughout known space, concentrated primarily on Earth, Caelmare, and Mars. There are also mining colonies in the Trojan asteroid belts and the Oort cloud.

FargoneSeven Industrial is the IAAs commercial front, selling ships and other hardware to trusted organizations. FSI is also in charge of research and development, designing ships, vehicles, and weapons.

Current Events

Breaking News

(13/06/2015) The IAA has been formed.

(01/11/2015) The IAA and FSI discontinue their surface vessel program in favour of aerospace vessels.

Political Standings

The IAA is a fairly neutral organization, however we do not tolerate abuse of human rights or oppressive regimes.


Non-aggression Pacts



War Code-4


The current DEFCON level determines the IAA's readiness for war or its current perceived threat level. The lower the number, the bigger the threat. DEFCON 4 is considered a normal peacetime level.

DEFCON 1: The highest alert level possible: all units, everywhere, are mobilized. HIGHCOM authorises use of multiple WMDs

DEFCON 2:  More than one critical Battlegroup is mobilized. HIGHCOM authorises the limited tactical use of WMDs

DEFCON 3: War. A standing army is mustered. Forces may be mobilized. The Home Fleet is set on high alert.

DEFCON 4: In times of unrest the defcon level is set at 4. At level 4 and higher regular patrols are dispatched to keep an eye on territorial limits.

DEFCON 5: In times of worldwide peace the defcon level is typically set to 5. Most forces are dismounted.


Government and Personnel (Incomplete)

Division in charge of people, politics, and infrastructure.

IAA Armed Forces

Division in charge of the Army and Airforce.

Naval Division (Fleets to be added)

Division in charge of the IAAs Naval forces including Marines and Aerospace vessels.

FargoneSeven Industrial

Division in charge of R&D, ship design, vessels manufacture, and arms dealing.

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