K.R.A.D.E.C Flag until I find a better one.

Hello. I am Lee Parker, leader of K.R.A.D.E.C. As you read this, you wonder, what is K.R.A.D.E.C? Let me show you.

Who we are

We are bounty hunters. We are assigned a target by a stranger, and we eliminate the target, as long as we get the money. We've gotten rid of several people. For example, being assigned by Mikey to murder Darksire, which we did recently. Nothing stands in our way of money, and whoever does? We kill them too, and take their ship for our own uses.

NOTE: I don't actually capture ships. My iPad doesn't want to capture them.

How to join

If you want to join, ask this person for a application. You can use any ship color you want, for the effect of it being stolen, but if you have a ship MADE ORIGINALLY by K.R.A.D.E.C, the colors are light grey and black.


An unknown stranger has given us resources, in exchange for eliminating a target.

Our target is: Dr. Razanal, Admiral Chief of Naval Operations of the UR.

For more information on current targets, as well as former targets, check here. K.R.A.D.E.C Target Information Center

Current Leadership

  • Fleet Admiral Lee Parker: Lee was once an aerial ace for Japan, but decided to become a mercenary. He once worked for Darksire. He created K.R.A.D.E.C while still working for Darksire, and slowly grew into power, being backed by an unknown business. He later killed Darksire during a mission, as Darksire was the target.
  • Admiral Chief of Naval Operations Ivan Nikola Gregovoric: A former Russian Admiral, he was disgraced when he betrayed his fleet for some money. After his best friend executed his family, he resorted to bounty hunting as a source of living. He now works with K.R.A.D.E.C. His brother is an admiral in the Russian Navy.
  • Admiral Chief of Naval Operations Gresion Rescrot: Born in Palidan, he fought against a rebellion. He witnessed his family die by the rebels, and escaped on a ship just before a nuke decimated his homeland. He now serves as a hitman for K.R.A.D.E.C
  • Vice Admiral Dirk Wolf: Known by his former friends as the kind who would start a fight, Dirk was imprisoned for killing a total of 1.5 million people using a fission reactor. He later escaped and joined K.R.A.D.E.C
  • Rear Admiral (Upper) Johanson Klein:


Commander's Fleet

This fleet is led by the leader himself, Lee.

Admiral's Fleet (Gregovoric)

This fleet is commanded by Ivan Gregovoric.

Admiral's Fleet (Rescrot)

This fleet is commanded by Gresion Rescrot

Vice Admiral's Fleet (Dirk)

This fleet is commanded by Dirk Wolf

Rear Admiral(Upper)'s Fleet (Klein)

This Fleet is commanded by Johanson Klein.


Note this is for a fake character that you make for K.R.A.D.E.C

Name: (a legit name, like first name and last name, a fake name.)



History of Character:

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What kind of ships do you create:

Why do you want to join?

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