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Estados Unidos Mexicanos


Fleet Adm. César Román


ARM Oaxaca

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Sviatoslav Republic, etc.



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Navy/Army Origins

Join the Mexican Naval Forces Today!

The Mexican Navy (Spanish: Secretaría de Marina Armada de México, translation: Naval Secretariat) is one of the two independent Armed Forces of Mexico, the other being the Army. The actual naval forces are called Armada de México (Mexican Navy). It was created along the creation of the Ministry of War in 1821 (by the time the Independence of Mexico had come to an end). From that year until 1939, it existed jointly with the Army in the organic ministry. Since its declaration of independence from Spain, in September 1810, through the mid decades of the 19th century.

Mexican Naval Jack

Mexican Naval Jack

Our Goal

We've come to promote peace and defend those navies in need, if we are asked to interfere in a bellic conflict, after the request is made, we shall determine if an intervention in such conflict is beneficial to the nation's interests.

ARM Cuauhtémoc

ARM Cuauhtémoc, a sail training vessel where our men are prepared and trained to serve in the Mexican Navy.




None for the time being.

Application Form

If you wish to join our ranks, answer these 10 simple questions below:

1.- You must be an active member.

2.- A Spanish name. (example: Francisco Suarez)

3.- Are you participating in other Navies? Please mention which.

4.- Why do you want to become a member of the Mexican Navy?

5.- What is your Flagship?

6.- In what kind of ships do you specialize building?

7.- Does your character possess war experience?

8.- Your character's biography

9.- If a Situation of war becomes present, are you going to stand up and fight for the Mexican Navy?

10.- Your GameCenter ID

Members of the Mexican Navy

  • Fleet Admiral César RománLeader of the Mexican Navy and endorser of naval projects, he is known to be a critical thinker and strategist, considering evry scenario and factor whenever taking on a decision. During his Academy days, the instructors saw within him great potential, and a promising future in the Navy.
  • Chief of Naval Operations Roberto Juarez: Served briefly in the USNF in the beginning of its war with Russia. Resigned after his ship, the USS Redemption, was lost. He returned home to put his newfound naval skills to work for the Mexican Navy.
  • Chief of Naval Operations Armando Carlos: Participated in major naval battles like the UR/ISAF and the US/Russian wars. Is extremely experienced in navigating and specialises in Sail Ships.
  • Chief of Naval Operations DeMario Ramirez: A former Mexican Soldier, he was assigned Chief of Naval Operations in a attempt to get more admirals to combat the Order. Specializes mostly in Flying Ships, although he can create other ships as well.
  • Vice Admiral Jorge Valdez: Valdez is not that experienced, fairly new, he joined a few months ago. He mainly supplies ships only.


Alert Lv'1' - Rutinary patrols, neutral.

Mexican Air Force


Mexican Army


Mexican Navy


Here, you will find the ships that have been comissioned to the Mexican Navy, all the ships that serve the Mexican Navy must have ARM (Armada de México) at the beginning of their name.

Naval Roster

(Most relevant ships of each class will be shown here, along with the number of ships of such class designation)


  Santa Anna Class 2x in service
  * ARM Santa Anna
  * ARM Pancho Villa
  Victoria Class 3x in service
  * ARM Victoria
  * ARM Gloria
  * ARM Valor
  Sonora Class 5x in service 
  * ARM Sonora
  Oaxaca Class 30x in service 
  * ARM Oaxaca
  * ARM Palenque
  * ARM San Luis Potosí


  Tamaulipas Class 3x in service
  * ARM Tamaulipas
  * ARM Culiacán
  * ARM Nayarit
  Nuevo León Class 20x in service 
  * ARM Nuevo León
  * ARM Zumpango
  Mexicali Class 40x in service 
  * ARM Mexicali
  * ARM Mérida


  Guadalupe Class 3x in service
  * ARM Guadalupe
  * ARM Cancún
  * ARM Chihuahua


  Cuhitlahuac Class 60x in service 
  * ARM Cuhitlahuac
  * ARM Jalisco
  Bahía de Banderas Class 20x in service

Patrol Ships

  Tijuana Class 80x in service 
  * ARM Tijuana 
  * ARM Tula 
  * ARM Río Verde 
  Azueta Class 30x in service
  * ARM Azueta
  * ARM Comitán
  Iturbide Class 20x in service
  * ARM Iturbide

Aircraft Carriers

  Veracruz Class 30x in service 
  * ARM Veracruz 
  * ARM Acapulco 
  * ARM Yucatán
  Ciudad Acuña Class 1x in service
  * ARM Ciudad Acuña

Ships in total: 177

Nation News

January 6th, 2014

  • The Mexican navy officialy entered the conflict against the Federation and the Order.
  • A task force successfully destroyed 15 submarines with the objective of destroying cities with high population and political levels, millions of lives were lost that day.
  • Project Mictlan is given green light by the President and the War Council
  • 1 Veracruz class carrier and 1 Cuhitlahuac class destroyer are lost, a patrol ship is crippled by enemy submarines.
  • Alliance set between the Mexican Navy and the A.N.F. Enterprises Consolidated Fleet

January 18th, 2014

  • Alliance re-established between the Mexican Navy and the Russian Navy.
  • Our attempts at creating a teleportation device have been successful, all of our ships will be equipped with one of these new engines, for they are a new way to reach destinations in time, we will be able to support our allies with great efficiency. 

January 25th, 2014

  • The Mexican Navy sent a task force to Charleston, to support Carolina and the other navies to repel the Order attack.
  • In a final attempt, the ARM Oaxaca headed towards the second wave of the attack, initiating its reactor meltdown while heading at full speed to the flying ships, the blast caught 2 of the invaders.
  • After the blast, the remaining ships aided the other navies in defending Charleston.

January 28th, 2014

  • Our forces supported the recovery of U.S. Territories.
  • The Council and the President decide to proclaim a cease-fire agreement with the Order, as a result, Mexican territories were evacuated and Texas was appended to our nation.
  • Members of the Navy complain about these actions, Román was one of them.
  • In the engagement, the Tormenta Squad successfuly silenced the Order's top pilots, the Ripper Team, however, 1 Tormenta member was lost.
  • The Army in colaboration with the Navy and the Air Force successfuly took down a drug cartel down the South, peace and tranquility return to those parts of the country.
  • An oil refinery in the Gulf of Mexico turns into scrap due to an explosion, many are injured.

May 5th, 2014

  • The Armed Forces celebrate the Battle of Puebla.
  • Román gives a press conference related to a delayed project.

June 11th, 2015

  • The Navy is officially back in action, Diplomatic relations with newer navies have begun.
  • Mexico joins the United Trading Coalition and an alliance is established with the United Governments of Western Europe (UGWE).

July 3rd, 2015

  • The Navy will take part in the liberation of Australia.
  • Updated Naval Registry has been distributed to every high-ranking officer in the Navy.

November 21st, 2016

  • Rearming programs are now in effect, contacting allies and establishing new diplomatic relations.

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