Mongolian People's Republic

Монгол Ардын Бүгд Найрамдах Улс

Mongol Ardyn Bügd Nairamdakh Uls

Satellite state of the Sviatoslav Republic


Mongolian People's Republic flag 1




Mongolian, Russian


None (state atheism)


Mongolian, Mongol


Unitary Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist state

Supreme Leader

Chono Khovd


Mongolian Supreme People's Assembly


2,420,150 (2010)


Soviet/Sviatoslav ruble, Mongolian Tögrög


"National Anthem of the Mongolian People's Republic"

Дэлхийн Ажилчид, нэгтгэх! (Workers of the world, unite!)

The Mongolian People's Republic (Mongolian: Монгол Ардын Бүгд Найрамдах Улс; Russian: Монгольская Народная Республика) is a country located in the Central Asian part of the world. It is a unitary Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist one-party socialist state, and a satellite stated of the Sviatoslav Republic.



  • Supreme Leader/Comrade Chono Khovd: The Supreme Leader (president/dictator) of the Mongolian People's Republic, known for his repressive actions. He models himself after the former leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, and the current leader of the Sviatoslav Republic, Vasily Bogatyrov. He rules with an iron fist and is known for his military aggression.

Mongolian People's Armed Forces

Монгол Ардын Зэвсэгт хүчний

Mongol Ardyn Zevsegt khüchnii


Mongolian People's Republic emblem 1


June 29th, 1957

March 4th, 1995 (current form)

Service branches

Mongolian People's Army

Mongolian People's Army Air Service

Military Aerospace Forces


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Supreme Commander: Chono Khovd

People's Armed Forces Minister: General Igor Krasvansky

Chief of General Staff: General Bayan Ultar


1,510,780 (Army

415,120 (Air Force)

310,310 (Special Forces)

178,151 (Secret police/Intelligence)

Reserve personnel


Domestic suppliers

Morozov Design Bureau (Aircraft)

Sergal Avtomat (Small arms)

Kharkov Tank Factory #66 (Tanks)

Baiknonur (Aerospace vehicles)

Zepeyev Atomic Reactors (Nuclear reactors)

Foreign suppliers

Sviatoslav Republic

Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republics


"Форвард, Ленин, Сталин, Ховд, Bogatyrov-ын туг дор! (Forward under the banner of Lenin, Stalin, Khovd and Bogatyrov!"

The Mongolian People's Armed Forces (Mongolian: Монгол Ардын Зэвсэгт хүчний; Russian: Монгольскую Народную Вооруженные силы) is the military forces of the Mongolian People's Republic. Founded during the struggles of the Great Patriotic War, and fought alongside the Soviet Red Army during WW2.

In 1947, a revolution was lead against the Soviet-backed government, which fell. In 1956, A pro-capitalist regime was lead until the Sovieg Union, backing the Provisional Mongolian People's Army, overthrew the government again. This time, a proper socialist regime was set up in 1957, which was backed by the Soviet Union.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and the government again was on the verge of dissolution. But then the Workers Party of Sviatoslav managed to overthrow the coup in the 1991 Soviet coup d'etat attempt. Once again, a new regime was set up, the Sviatoslav Socialist Republics. Eager to prevent the communist regime from falling, Mongolia became a satellite state of the Sviatoslav Republic.

The army, in its current form (1995), is heavily based off of the Sviatoslav military. Both share the same equipment, except limited items. The Sviatoslav military, by the authority of the Sviatoslav constitution, supports the Mongolian People's Armed Forces, like they do to the other Union republics.

The Mongolian People's Armed Forces is small, but with the backing power of the Sviatoslav Republic and Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republics, it poses a threat.

Mongolian People's Army

Монгол улсын Ардын армийн

Mongolian People's Army Air Service

Монгол улсын Ардын армийн нисэх үйлчилгээ

Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party

Монгол Ардын Хувьсгалт Нам

Mongol Ardyn Khuvisgalt Nam


Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party flag 1


Chono Khovd


June 25th, 1957

Preceeded by

Mongolian People's Party (1920-1947)

Succeded by



Mongolian True

Youth Wing

Youth Guards of Mongolia


1,750,890 (2005)


Communism, Marxist-Leninism, Stalinism


Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! (Workers of the world, unite!)



Full Name

Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republic(s)

Government Type

Marxist-Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism etc (varies between each nation)


Vasily Bogatyryov


2.85 Billion (700 Million SE) (2.25 billion SR)

Main Languages

English Russian Spanish Chinese Korean Mongolian

Main Currency (s)

UN Credits (Main)

Scarlet Gekz (Accepted in SE)

Russian Ruble (Accepted in SR)

Military Population

80 Million (30M SE) (50M SR)

The Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republics (USSR) is a joint government system commanded by the Sviatoslav Socialist Republic. Each member has it's own government and command system but they will be taking order from the Sviatoslav Republic. Technologies and equipment designs are shared among all member nations of the USSR. The sovereign rights of Union Republics shall be safeguarded by the Sviatoslav Socialist Republic.


Command States

Member States

Internal Comissariat

Внутренний Kомиссариат

Vnutrenniy Komissariat

VK emblem 1

Full name

Внутренних Комиссариат (Internal Commissariat)


"Страх В.К." (Fear V.K.)"


Military counter-intelligence, secret police


April 12th, 2016


Sviatoslav Republic, republics of the Union


Moscow, SR, capitals of the republics of the Union

Parent department


Parent Military counter-intelligence

State Defense Committee

Agency executives

Vitaly Rostislav (Supreme Commissar of the Internal Commissariat)

V.K. (Russian: Внутренний комиссариат (Internal Commissariat)) is a Slav military counter intelligence agency and secret police force. Its parent department is SMERSH (СМЕРШ), military counter-intelligence agency.

V.K. was formed on the 12th of April, 2016, in the wake of uneasy political situations within the Sviatoslav Republic. Our main job is to, as it states in our discription: "To punish traitors of the Sviatoslav Republics and Union, to counter enemy intelligence agencies, to help enforce the laws of the SR & USSR peacefully without any violence and to protect the ideals and beliefs of the USSR".

V.K. has many divisions, however our most notable division is #268, which is the largest out of all the divisions with over 3,567,128 agents and personnel registered as of 2016. V.K. is headquartered in Moscow, Sviatoslav Republic, however each nation in the USSR is ordered to accommodate V.K. headquarters in their capitals. V.K. also has divisions which are based in the nations of the USSR, for example V.K.-SSR is based in the Scarlet Republic, V.K.-PRK is based in the Peoples Republic of Korhal etc.

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