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Defense, offense, and expansion of land and air assets.

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Naval and Aerospace Forces

Research and Development

The New Arcadian Republic operates a wide variety of forces capable of fighting on land and in the air. These troops are highly trained and operate some of the most advanced equipment, making them extremely formidable opponents.

Description of Unit Types

The ACA forms the backbone of NAR land forces, with everything from Light Infantry forces to heavily armored tanks.

Infantry Corps

The Infantry Corps forms the backbone of the army, and is where the majority of NAR forces lie. They are well drilled, well trained, and work well as a unit. Typically they march to their locations, but if available, they will take boat, plane, or vehicle transportation.

Motorized Infantry Corps

The Motorized Infantry Corps are the fast attack arm of the army. They use rapid transportation to get to and from the battle quickly, and are perfectly suited for breakthrough attacks, flanking maneuvers, scouting and reconnaissance, and hit-and-run tactics. They are almost always transported using lightly armored trucks, jeeps, and other fast vehicles, and typically are escorted by faster armored vehicles, like light tanks.

Mechanized Infantry Corps

The Mechanized Infantry Corps are often times known as the "Steamroller", due to their slow, but nigh on unstoppable attacks. Typically these are elite forces, trained to break through tough enemy installations, and hold them. They are usually carried into battle by heavily armored vehicles and IFVs, and are escorted by heavily armored "breakthrough" tanks, which feature thick armor and infantry-support guns.

Cavalry Corps

The Cavalry Corps are the the heavy hitting, fast moving tank corps of the Army, equipped primarily with MBTs and SPGs. They can easily be called in to support infantry forces when they encounter enemy armor, and are typically mixed in with other regiments of troops.

Artillery Corps

The Artillery Corps, in recent years, has largely been regulated to defensive duties, as slow moving artillery and anti-aircraft pieces can't keep up with the speed of SPGs. They are deployed at key points to bombard enemy positions, or set up anti-air screens to clear the skies of enemy planes.

Executive Guards

The Executive Guards are the most elite troops in the army. Similar to the German SF, they use only the most modern weapons and equipment, and employ the most effective tactics. They are sent in with the other army corps to provide extra push and an additional fear factor. 

The NAF are the eyes, ears, and fists of the NAR, consisting of fighters, bombers, spy planes, and helicopters

Bomber Corps

Consisting of heavy bombers, the Bomber Corps can effectively deal with long rang threats with missiles and bombs. They are also responsible for deploying paratroopers with large cargo planes, and carrying supplies through the air.

Fighter Corps

The Fighter Corps is composed of fast, agile fighter planes, designed to repel air attacks, escort bombers, and perform close range ground support with light bombs and missiles.

Helicopter Corps

The Helicopter Corps is designed to perform close range support for ground units by suppressing or destroying enemy forces with missiles, bombs, and machine guns. The Helicopter Corps also contains cargo helicopters for supply transport, as well as medical helicopters.

Spy Corps

Made of high altitude stealth planes, the Spy Corps performs reconnaissance of enemy positions, gathering intelligence for high command.

Originally part of the NARNS, the NDM broke off to form its own branch. The NDM are considered to be Executive Guards, without the training. They are usually the first ones on the battlefield, causing chaos for the enemy before the main forces arrive. They are also deployed for special missions when Executive Guards are not available.

Infantry Corps

The main force of the NDM, Infantry Marines are some of the toughest soldiers out there, able to perform tasks just as well as specialized units.

Armored and Artillery Corps

With many tanks, cannons, AA guns, and other vehicles, the AaAC provides the heavy firepower and armor needed to get the job done.

Paratrooper Corps

Consisting of troops specially trained to be dropped out of planes with no fear, Paratroopers are some of the most fearless soldiers on the battlefield. Currently, some battalions of soldiers are being trained to use orbital drop pods for deployment.

Air Corps

The NDM operates a small air force, mainly for ground support, supply shipment, and troop deployment.

Naval Corps

Along with its small air force, the NDM has a flotilla of small assault craft, speed boats, landing craft, and a few escorts, mostly used for beach landings.


Name Builder Type Number Notes
BSA-1 Imperial AIF Strategic Bomber 30 Bought from AIF
BS-2 Yam Central Arcadia Air Aerospace Bomber 10,000 Heavy payload
FS-1 Screeching Terror Central Arcadia Air Aerospace Bomber 30,000 Fast, good at taking down enemy aircraft
IS-1 Xerxes Central Arcadia Air Light Aerospace Interceptor 15,000 Very fast, designed to destroy large planes like the Longsword
FA-2 Eagle Colombia Weapons Stockpile Atmospheric Fighter 35,000 Main on surface carriers
FA-3 Lightning Bolt Various Reconnaissance Fighter 25,000 Ideal for Recon and ground support
GBA-1 Raptor Various Gunship 2,500 Heavy missile payload
IS-2 Sword Andromeda Aircraft Complex

Heavy Aerospace Interceptor

6,000 Main heavy aircraft
Type 1 Standard Rifle Mandalore Arms Manufacturers Rilfe 25,000,000 Main battle rifle
Type 1 Standard Carbine Mandalore Arms Manufacturers Carbine 12,000,000 Smaller and lighter
Type 1 Standard Pistol Mandalore Arms Manufacturers Pistol 50,000,000 Main sidearm
100cm/75 ADVNG Mk I Mandalore Arms Manufacturers Advanced Naval Gun 30 16-24 for use on NARNS Arcadia, 6-10 guarding Arcadia and other cities, 4 under testing
FV-1 Crusader Gallian Empire Main Battle Tank 1,250 Gifted from Gallia
FV-2 Urban Crusader Gallian Empire Main Battle Tank (Urban Warfare) 650 Gifted from Gallia
FV-3 Desert Crusader Gallian Empire Main Battle Tank (Desert Warfare) 650 Gifted from Gallia

FS-4 Palusincola

ex-Delusion Fighter 15,000 Design from Delusion
IS-3 Pendragon ex-Delusion Interceptor 15,000 Delsuion design
FS-5 Ixiom ex-Delusion Aerospace Fighter 15,000 Deslusion design
DS-3 Quorum ex-Delusion Aerospace DRONE (I GOT IT RIGHT NOW DOC) 30,000 Delusion design
IS-4 Despair ex-Delusion Interceptor 500 Delusion design
FV-4 Wrath ex-Delusion

Main Battle Tank

1,500 Delusion design
FVH-5 Sloth ex-Delusion Hover Tank Destroyer 1,500 Delusion design
FVH-6 Cecil ex-Delusion Hover Heavy Tank 1,500 Delusion design
FVH-7 Greed ex-Delusion Hover Tank 1,500 Delusion Design
IFV-8 Goat Borkadone Industrial Infantry Fighting Vehicle 200 Able to be converted to mobile command base or transport
FV-9 Sherman Borkadone Industrial Main Battle Tank 200

Cheap and easier to mass produce

FV-10 Jackson Borkadone Industrial Main Battle Tank 50 Direct counter to Leopard 4A6
FV-11 Lee Borkadone Industrial Main Battle Tank 10 Most powerful and expensive MBT currently, TOP SECRET
FV-12 Antelope Borkadone Industrial Tank Destroyer 100 Extremely powerful main gun, good frontal armor
FV-13 Mosquito Borkadone Industrial Self-Propelled Gun 50 Very powerful howitzer

Other Forces

The NAR operates several other groups of troops which range from supersoldiers, battle robots, to genetically modified superpilots.

Project Bellator I

Project Bellator I
Bellator 1
Bellator I insignia.


Captain Andrew McNeilson

Known Operatives



Top Secret

Project Bellator I (Latin for "warrior") is the most advanced super soldier program the NAR has funded yet. Participants go through a rigorous six month training course before even being selected for the program, and after selection, only 5% of participants even make it to the modification process.

Once selected, the "Bellators" receive high level genetic modifications, increasing their physical and mental attributes. They are similar to SPARTAN IIs regarding modifications.

Beyond their extreme training and modifications, "Bellators" receive the most advanced armor the NAR can offer. Their armor, nicknamed "Walking Bunkers," features not only extreme protection, but advanced jetpacks, HUD helmets, wrist mounted weaponry, and a custom weapons suite for each suit. Their suits are also powered, allowing even more strength, speed, and sharpness.

Part of their training, they receive intensive learning in many martial arts forms, from Karate, to Tak-Tao, the ancient and deadly form of martial arts practiced by the natives of Arcadia. Furthermore, they are taught a variety of combat skills, from extreme sharp shooting, assassination, under cover operation, learning to drive virtually any type of vehicle, learning over 10 different languages, tactics, and many, many more.

Bellator I Companies

Upon being accepted into the NAR, each member gets control of a company of 10 "Bellators."

  • Company A
Sergeant Zac 001 ( FlammeumDraco333 )
Staff Sergeant Hannah 002
Staff Sergeant Mason 003
Soldier Matthew 004
Soldier Jacob 005
Soldier Tucker 006
Soldier Christofer 007
Soldier Faith 008
Soldier Dartanyan 009
Soldier Justin 010

  • Company B
Sergeant 011 ( Sit kitty citty )
Staff Sergeant 012
Staff Sergeant 013
Soldier 014
Soldier 015
Soldier 016
Soldier 017
Soldier 018
Soldier 019
Soldier 020

  • Company C
Sergeant Arturo 021 ( Captain rudder guy Kevin1 )
Staff Sergeant Stewart 022
Staff Sergeant Jeannie 023
Soldier Lane 024
Soldier Katie 025
Soldier Jim 026
Soldier Cheryl 027
Soldier Mario 028
Soldier Marlon 029
Soldier Joe 030

  • Company D
Sergeant Thomas 031 ( USS Zumwalt DDG 1000 )
Staff Sergeant Jenna 032
Staff Sergeant Alex 033
Soldier Luigi 034
Soldier Stephano 035
Soldier Catherine 036
Soldier Hiram 037
Soldier Jackson 038
Soldier Emma 039
Soldier John 040

  • Company E
Sergeant 041 ( ProudAmerican1776 )
Staff Sergeant 042
Staff Sergeant 043
Soldier 044
Soldier 045
Solider 046
Soldier 047
Soldier 048
Soldier 049
Soldier 050

  • Company F
Sergeant 051 ( Raymo111 )
Staff Sergeant 052
Staff Sergeant 053
Soldier 054
Soldier 055
Soldier 056
Soldier 057
Soldier 058
Soldier 059
Soldier 060