New Republic of the Pacific
The ensign of the NRP


President Edward Jacknife




Unrecognized State

We are the Imperial Rebel Front, after breaking off of the AIF, we strive to build a great and powerful empire from what use to be a great country. -NRP's first official transmission to the public about their breaking away

Formerly the Imperial Rebel Front, the New Republic of the Pacific is a faction that broke off from the AIF during the Earth-Prometheus War, and currently strive on developing a New World Order-type government in the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to restore the AIF to the power it use to be before the Battle for Earth.

Political Relations




  1. To bring order to the pacific
  2. Bring the AIF to its former glory
  3. Build a great empire under the AIF flag


President/Commander in Chief

  • Edward Jackknife: The second in command of General Dagger, who had recently left after Operation Blackout. (Played by USS Enterprise CVN-65)

Generals Majors


  1. Name
  2. Ships you are bringing
  3. Ships you are contributing
  4. Will you devote your life to bring glory to the pacific?

Ground Forces





Fleet Roster:

Aerospace Ships

Darkened Skies-class Super Heavy Battleship: 1

Revolution-class Cruiser: 80

Uprising-class Cruiser: 100

Black Plague-class Cruiser: 50

Surface Fleet

Hailstorm-class AA Destroyer: 40

Rebellion-class Destroyer: 50

Insubordination-class Destroyer: 50

Insurrection-class Battlecruiser: 30

Exterminator-class Battleship: 20

Blood Dawn-class Battlecruiser: 70

Revenge-class Heavy Cruiser: 150

Death's Hand-class Battleship: 40

Copperhead-Class Heavy Cruiser: 30

Iron Dawn-Class Battleship: 20

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