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Dragonfire Separatists
DPL Seperatists
Logo and Battle Ensign

Full Name

Phoenix Protecterate


Trinity Winters


Military State

Current Leader


Page under construction

We are the Phoenix Protecterate, formerly Dragonfire Seperatists. We once were at war with those who we broke away from but since have forgiven them and are now in a full alliance. We are a powerful nation and have several top of the line ships. We once had the highest toughness ship(Scion of Earth, before Maus Tank thing) and were the second to have a class 11 flying ship(Saphire of Despair). We also are strong in many technologies including Ion Weapons, Antimatter, and Neurotechnology. However our most prized tech is our lasers second to only Prometheus and equal to TD. We currently are in Israel controlled land we are let use thanks to our possibly greatest ally's generosity.

With that said we would greatly appreciate new members so JOIN NOW!

  • Fill out this application if you wish to enroll.(If you were DPL you will be automatically accepted as your previous rank.)

1. Name

2. RP Character

3. What ships will you make?

4. What mods do you use? (If any)


Chain of Command

Fleet Admiral: Trinity Winter Kaitlyn

Upper Admirals:

Base Admirals:

Admirals: Daniel Ironwood

Vice Admirals:





Trinity's Fleet

Ironwood's Fleet



  • Gallian Empire
  • CN
  • NAR
  • IN
  • DPL Loyalists
  • TD


  • None


  • None
Alert Level

High Alert

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