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Provisional Government of Gallia
New Gallian flag


Un peuple, une terre, un état (One people, one land, one state)


Rose of Gallia


Wittenham (2,670,000)




  • Provisional government parliamentary republic
  • Totalitarian dictatorship

Prime Minister

  • 2016-present - Liam Holland


  • Upper House - House of Lords
  • Lower House - House of Commons




Gallian sterling (G£)

1 G£ = 0.75 cR

This is the Provisional Government of Gallia. We are the rightful and official successors to the former Gallian Empire. Yes, we might be fractured and broken right now, but just wait and see. Once united under one flag again, we will take our place under the sun as a powerful and world-spanning empire again.




  • What branches will you join?
  • What will be your name? If you have multiple characters, list their names.
  • What will be the ships you will be constructing?
  • What is your reason for joining up under the forces of the Provisional Government of Gallia?
  • Do you pledge to serve your duties most effectively under the greatest of pressures, to respond to the call of war of the nation, and to die gleefully for the sake of this Nation?


Gallian coat of arms

The Coat of Arms of the PGG


  • Prime Minister Liam Holland - A former member of the Empire's House of Lords, Holland is the first Prime Minister since the Empire's collapse. Even with his title, Holland, due to emergency powers from the Civil War, is effectively a dictator of the state, using his secret police to consolidate and keep power. Holland is the commander-in-chief of the Provisional Gallian Army.
  • Chief Minister of the Ministry of State Security Patricia Hawthorne - The one in charge of the state's effective secret police. She only reports to the Prime Minister, and is the only one the secret police take orders from. She is known to be a very brutal person, and is feared for her mass purges of state enemies.
Ground Warfare Arm Naval/Aerospace Warfare Arm Air Warfare Arm
*Grand Marshal TBA *Grand Admiral TBA
*Field Marshal TBA *Fleet Admiral TBA *Chief Marshal TBA
*General TBA *Admiral TBA *Air Marshal TBA
*Lieutenant General TBA *Vice Admiral TBA *Air Vice-Marshal TBA


Advanced Rocketry
Advanced Warp
Asteroid Mining
Advanced Physiology
Advanced Metallurgy/Material Sciences
Advanced Nuclear Technology
Advanced Fusion Reactors
Advanced Combat Gear

Advanced Railguns
Advanced Targeting Systems
Laser Weapons
Laser Point Defense
Advanced Laser Weapons
Magnetic Accelerating Cannons
Heavy Ship Lasers
Weapons Satellites
Advanced Missile Systems
Weapons Satellites
Guided Munitions
Orbital Lasers
Particle Beams
Superlaser Weapons
Advanced MCMs (Series I)
Advanced MCMs (Series II)
Advanced Particle Beams

Artificial Intelligence
Sublight Drives
Warp Detection
FTL Communications
Nanobot Fabrication
Superfast Warp
Warp Disruption

Ministry of State Security

Ministry of State Security

Full name

Ministry of State Security and Sovereignty


"Semper Occultus" (Always Secret)"


Secret police, foreign intelligence


October 26, 2016


Provisional Government of Gallia


Wilhelmina Square, Wittenham, Gallia



Parent agency

Ministry of Defence

Chief Minister

Patricia Hawthorne (Chief Minister of the Ministry of State Security and Sovereignty)

The MSS (Ministry of State Security) is our foreign intelligence agency and secret police. Formalized as an official ministry on October 26, the secret police itself has existed since the ascension of former Lord Holland as Prime Minister. Our main purpose is the enforcement of the will of the Government, the counteraction of enemy intelligence agencies, the suppression of ideas detrimental to our Nation's stability and security, and the protection of Gallian citizens.

MSS officers are at every level of Gallian society. All citizens' activities are monitored and sent to the Government for evaluation and course of action.

Provisional Gallian Army

A key to a strong nation is a strong standing army. Thus, the Provisional Gallian Army was formed. Until a unified national government is formed, the PGA will be our main warfare department. Using this tool of power, this Nation shall reunite itself as one again. And once we are reunited again, this will be our main tool to assert power on the system.

Due to this Nation being in a volatile state as of now, military conscription is enforced. In total, the National Army is composed of TBA personnel of various purposes from the former GIDF, or new conscripts and volunteers, all sharing their dream for a reunified Gallia. Don't let our divided state fool you. Should you expect a war, you should not expect to walk out with a few dents. We are still as capable as the GIDF once was.

Ground Warfare Arm

A standing ground army is key to protection of the Nation, and is also key to the enforcement of the will of the Nation on its territories and subjects. Thus is the reason for the formation of the Ground Warfare Arm, which will be used to enforce the will of the Nation and to project power in land.

Formation Amount of Troops Composition Amount
District 3,686,400 4 Army Groups TBA
Army Group 921,600 4 Armies TBA
Army 230,400 3 Corps TBA
Corps 76,800 4 Divisions TBA
Division 19,200 4 Brigades TBA
Brigade 4,800 2 Regiments TBA
Regiments 2,400 2 Battalions TBA
Battalion 1,200 5 Companies TBA
Company 240 5 Platoons
Platoon 48 2 Sections
Section 24 2 Squads
Squad 12 2 Fireteams
Fireteam 4

Vehicle Name Production Rate Amount
Centurion II Mk 4 90 (1 week) 450
Centaur Mk 2 65 (1 week) 325
Cougar Mk 1 150 (1 week) 750
Chariot Mk 1 125 (1 week) 625

Naval and Aerospace Warfare Arm

A ground army might be a powerful thing for a nation to have. But projecting power both in the surface or in space is just as important. Formed from what remained of the former Imperial Navy and Imperial Aerospace Navy, the Naval and Aerospace Warfare Arm is our means of projection of power on the seas, the atmosphere, and the space.

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Empire 6 90 (600)
Crowne 4 46 (400)
Daedalus 3 45 (300)
Duke of Greybank 6 87 (600)
Monarch 4 54 (400)
Bellerophon 2 33 (250)
Temeraire 1 19 (150)
Kingsbridge 4 46 (450)
Poltergeist 3 37 (350)
Scipion 5 47 (500)
Marlborough 5 58 (500)
Bridgeport 4 26 (400)
Indefiable 4 22 (450)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Admiral 8 127 (850)
Sentinel 4 50 (400)
Princess Royal 6 100 (650)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Constitution 1 15 (100)
Aphrodite .5 5 (50)
Ghost 4 35 (450)
Phantom 4 35 (450)
Cobra 4 35 (450)
Amphitrite .25 4.5 (12)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Richmond 3 45 (300)
Infallible 4 60 (400)
Invincible 4 54 (400)
Barfleur 3 28 (300)

Class Name Builder Amount
Delphinium 7 46 (750)
Highflyer 8 52 (850)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Coldharbour 13 195 (1,350)
Lancaster 12 18 (1,200)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
PT-1 Interceptor 75 937 (7,500)
Elise George Seymour 1 (1)

Class Name Production Rate Amount
Chadwick 17 245 (1,750)
Gladiator 12 84 (1,300)

Class Name Class Production Rate Amount
Arion Light Cruiser 8 41 (250)
Dione Battleship 1 7 (75)
Empress' Orb Battleship 3 17 (150)
Artemis Heavy Cruiser 5 33 (200)
Athena Aerospace Fortress .25 3 (12)
Demeter Battleship 4 24 (150)
Hera Superbattleship .25 3 (12)
Eos Medium Battleship 2 38 (125)
Eirenne Heavy Transport Ship 4 23 (175)
Hecate Superbattleship .25 2 (12)
Hestia Heavy Cruiser 5 33 (200)
HELIOS Killsat 30 250
Gaia Superbattleship .25 2 (12)
Titan Light Frigate 15 92 (600)
Iris Supercarrier .25 2 (12)
Nike Battleship .75 2 (50)
Persephone Battleship 2 6 (75)
Phantasm Battleship 2 5 (75)
Argus Heavy Frigate 8 33 (450)
Mayflower Heavy Frigate 10 41 (450)
Rhea Battleship .25 2 (75)
Selene Battleship .25 2 (75)
Themis Aerospace Fortress .25 2 (50)
Resolution Heavy Cruiser 3 12 (200)
Millennium Heavy Cruiser 2 10 (200)

Air Warfare Arm


News and Announcements

Date News
21 February 2016 Formation of the Provisional Government

The Imperial government has collapsed, due to instability brought by the ineffective leadership of deceased Empress Lucille II's choice of successor. To provide security and stability to the Empire's territories, a Provisional Government is established, with the temporary capital at Wittenham.

22 July 2016 Protoss Attack

In a strike that shocked the Sol System, the Protoss aliens have attacked the entirety of Earth, and not one nation is spared. Gallia was also attacked, and with a valiant effort from our combined forces, we have fought them off. However, they have left millions dead and suffering across the land. Retribution will come soon.

16 October 2016 The Last Empress' Return

The former and last Empress of Gallia, Lucille II, has returned. Details of where she was at and how she came back from her supposed death are uncertain. Nevertheless, the government welcomes her with open arms.

27 October 2016 The Establishment of the MSS

To protect the state's citizens from enemies, both inside and outside the state, the Ministry of State Security was established. Steadfast stability and security will be provided to the people.

30 October 2016 Legislature is Dissolved

Due to actions coming from the two legislative Houses that sought to undermine the war effort, the Prime Minister has ordered that the Houses of Lords and Commons are dissolved for the time being, until further notice.

11 November 2016 Reestablishment of Legislature

In the previous week, the Prime Minister has declared that new elections will be held for positions at the Houses of Lords and Commons. The election is done, the people have cast their votes, and the Houses have convened.

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