Razgriz Air Command
Razgriz Air Command Emblem

Full name

Razgriz Air Command Squadron


Wolfgang Grimm


Aerospace combat fleet/Research fleet


Aerial combat, research


51,000,00 personnel, multiple aerospace warship


Multiple aerospace-capable warships


Assault on 130th


Razgriz Them

Hello. I am Wolfgang Grimm. Let me tell you a little but about my fleet. It all started a year ago when the ISAF-UR War started. We watched many sailors die from, both sides, while we at the Razgriz Command Squadron decided to hold back and not get involved. Instead we focused on building up our stocks, to become powerful. Now, we posses much more potential then before. Now we just watch, waiting for anyone who attacks us. If we are attacked, we shall defend our land until the final man.

Now, about joining... Yes, that is quite simple. You just scroll down the page and find the application. Fill out the application, and you shall be accepted into the Razgriz Air Command. Though, if you fail to answer all of the questions, your request will be denied.

May you serve Razgriz well, young pilot. We salute you.


This is where we put our allies or enemies.

HYDRAXIS is our first ally. As an act against the 130th InterNaval Fleet, we sided with HYDRAXIS to conduct a massive attack on the 130th. The attack went out as planned, and we suffered light losses.

During the attack against the 130th, we managed to ally with the Dragonfire Privatteering League to conduct a massive attack on the 130th as said above.

Fenrir Drive Yards is our main supplier of ships and armaments that you see here.

The Arc Squadron was formed due to the high risk levels of global threats around the world. If we were to fail during an attack, Arc Squadron would be there to kill.


You must fill out every question in this application.

1. Name (as always, fake name please.)

2. Character back story (optional)

3. Character age (must be under 60-70)

4. Character occupation (optional)

5. Do you have experience in building flying ship?

6. Any aerial-aerospace combat experience?

7. Any research experience?

8. Wars involved in

9. Character's flagship

10. Will you serve us until you die? Will you put your life on line for other?

Failure to answer all question will resault in request to join being denied.


This is our news board, this is where we keep track of latest events;

News cleared until further notice.

Our ships

The Fleet

Auxiliary fleet

The Auxiliary Fleet


Vessel Class Builder/operator Status of ship in class Number built Type/Role
Radiation Class Warwolf Ltd. Currently Wolfgang Grimm's flagship Many in service Command ship/Heavy bomber
Fission Class Fenrir drive yards Currently based in southern region Many in service Medium bomber/low altitude bomber
Macross Class Warwolf Ltd. Patrolling the Straits of Razgriz Many in service Light bomber/Heavy fighter
Cortina Class Warwolf Ltd. Based at Air Base No. 5501 Many in service Strategic bomber/Freighter
Macross Class Flight II Warwolf Ltd. More being built Limited number in service Heavy bomber/artillery platform
Auk Class Fenrir drive yards Used as our mobile command base Many in service Command ship/Space station/leveler
Wasp Class Fenrir drive yards Used for many purposes Many in service Heavy bomber/Command ship/Space warship
Korrina Class Fenrir drive yards Many operating in space Many in service Transport/Space station/Research ship/Heavy assault
Vulture Class Warwolf Ltd. Our main fighter aircraft Many in service Fighter aircraft/Escort aircraft
Phoenix Class Fenrir drive yards Fighter aircraft Many in service


A list of our currently, active personnel.

  • Wolfgang Grimm: Wolfgang Grimm has seen many combat action. He was a former Ace with more than 450 confirmed kills. He is now leader of Razgriz Air Command. He has been known to be spending much time in flying ship building and is not really seen by the general public.
  • Wulfstān Gepanzerte: Gepanzerte is a member of Razgriz. He is mostly working on ships, but now he is a pilot and one of Grimm's most experienced affiliates. Grimm sends him out on missions sometimes. He is also a member in the Dragonfire Privateering League due to Grimm sending him there to assist the DPL.
  • Lycaon Knight: Lycaon is the leader of the Arc Squadron, a defense squadron that is mainly focused on protecting the Razgriz Air Command.