Tenelapis Pirate Organization
Wedge kilrathi insigniat
The TPO insignia.


Pirate Organization/Mercenary Fleet


Supreme Commander Percival "Porky" Ventura


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Ahoy there! We are the Tenelapis Pirate Organization, commonly abbreviated TPO, but of course, you already knew that. We are an organization of pirates, raiders, and privateers from around Tenelapis. We work for nothing but loot. Most of us are hired mercenaries, defected sailors, or failed merchants. We pledge allegiance to no one, so don't expect our assistance in wars, as we are indiscriminate raiders. However, if you pay us the right price, we might just decide to raid certain people for you.
Subsurface Map of Tenelapis Updated

Subsurface map of Tenelapis. The opaque brown areas are where the sea floor connects directly to the stone ceiling. The edges of all of these areas are walkable land. The translucent brown indicates water depth; closer to opaque means shallower water, while more translucent/more blue is deeper. Darkest blue parts are around 3.5 km deep. Green markings indicate the locations of major steam vents (not the size, only the location), while the red markings indicate the size, shape, and name of the vents. All unlisted vents are 1km or less in diameter (you can make them anywhere you like, small ones are pretty common).

Joining and Rules

How to Join

Joining is fairly simple. Just answer the questions below.

1. RP Character:

2. # of ships being donated, with type:

3. Backstory of character:

4. Rank you desire:


Breaking these rules will often result in execution, as we don't want our secrets spilled.

1. Respect other people and their ships.

2. Follow orders.

3. Don't attack allied ships.

4. No killing women, children, or unarmed personnel. We are pirates, not barbarians. Besides, it is more economical to hold them for ransom.

5. Have fun!


We don't have many ranks now, but more are coming!

Supreme Commander - Percival "Porky" Ventura (FlammeumDraco333)

Assistant Commander (Two positions) -

Commander (Four positions) -

Captain (Eight positions) -

Lieutenant (Sixteen positions) -

Hiring Us

You can hire us to do dirty work for you. This has several benefits.

1. It will allow you to cause damage to your enemy, without getting blamed for it.

2. We will not attack your ships.

However, our services aren't cheap. Pay the right price, or we won't work for you.

Application for Services and Cost

Fill out this application and send it in, and we may decide to help you.

1. Name of your organization:

2. Name of organization(s) you want us to raid:

3. Payment:

4. Length you want us raiding (amount of time, number of enemy ships neutralized, etc):

Aerospace Fleet

Our aerospace fleet is tasked with intercepting and raiding vessels before they can reach the surface.

Surface Fleet

Our surface fleet is the largest fleet we have, operating almost everywhere on Tenelapis. They are tasked with attacking enemy ships to obtain resources, ships, and possible crew members.

Submarine Fleet

Our submarine fleet is tasked with covering our ships while they're raiding, providing advanced warning and eliminating heavy enemy vessels that stray too close.



Anyone we aren't allies with.

This shows how actively we are raiding.


Activity Level 4.

LEVEL 1- All available ships raiding.

LEVEL 2- Most ships raiding.

LEVEL 3- Many ships raiding.

LEVEL 4- Few ships raiding.

LEVEL 5- No ships raiding.