Arcadian Reich
Flag of the Arcadian Reich

Government Type

Military Dictatorship


Wolfgang Kleid



National Anthem

Auferstanden Aus Ruinen


  • Von der Dunkelheit, durch Blut, in das Licht! (From darkness, through blood, into the light!)


  • Latin, German, English


This is the Arcadian Reich, a new nation founded upon the face of the Arcadian continent. Through blood and warfare we have united our wondrous continent into a single entity, united in our diversity! Our goal is to let Arcadia flourish into a prosperous nation, befriend and help our allies, and defend our tranquil and beautiful land from external threats! We are loyal to our cause and our Obersteleiter, and will do everything in our power to defend our homeland, at all costs. If you are with us, we will respect you and do what we can to help you. If you are against us, we will crush you mercilessly.

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