The Republic of Dragonfire
Dragon emblem by iceteaedwin-d41w01t

Full Name

Dragonfire Privateering, Arms Manufacturing, and Private Military Enterprises


Timothy Dragoon


Naval Fleet


For Those About To Rock

Active military

50 million active military

425,000 ships

We are a strong, battle-tested navy. We are responsible for the attack on the 130th InterNaval Fleet, the executions of several of their officers, and the capture of many of their sailors. We also assassinated a high-ranking Soviet admiral during a siege on their port. We seek to exact justice through any means necessary.

  • Fill out this application if you wish to enroll.

1. Name

2. RP name (optional)

3. What ships do you specialize in?

4. What mods do you use? (If any)


If you want to join, any ship you make for this navy should preferably have the prefix DPS. The standard colors for the navy are red, orange, and black.

  • Admiral of the Navy: Tribaldragon1/Tim Dragoon
  • Upper Admirals: WolfgangBSC/Wulfstān Gepanzerte,
  • Base Admirals:
  • Admirals:
  • Vice Admirals:
  • Commodores: Eliza Amelie/ValerieElizabeth
  • Captains:
  • Commanders:
  • Lieutenants:

Ship Catalog

The Conqueror I Program

The Conquerors are a highly trained, extremely skilled group of elite DPL super-soldiers. They are capable of highly precise and stealthy attacks.


Image of Conqueror in full TALOS battle armor.

The Conqueror II Program

The Conqueror II program is an initiative to lessen the movement hindrance caused by the stiff armor of the original program, as well as add to their firepower. The Conqueror II armor is composed of a mixture of hard and soft armor. The hard armor is composed of a titanium and ceramic mixture, similar to that of main battle tanks. Soft armor is composed of Kevlar, graphene, and a titanium nanoweave.


A Conqueror II in the new armor.


Conquerors, being the DPL elite, are armed with the most exclusive and advanced weaponry.


Standard Conqueror primary


Assault Platforms





Razgriz Air Command

Sith Empire: Imperial Fleet





Terran Dominion Aerospace Fleet



-Feb. 12, 2014: Creation of the Dragonfire Privateering League

-Feb. 13, 2014: Alliance with AFOH, Identification for Dragonfire Privateering League ships standardized as DPS

-Feb. 13, 2014: DPS Archon commissioned providing the navy with its first ship.

-Feb. 23, 2014: Alliance broken with AFOH, 130th INF attacked by coalition of ISBA, DPL, RAC, and the Order.

-Feb. 23, 2014: Alliance with the Order.

-Mar. 5, 2014: Standard colors for navy designated as red, orange, and black.

-June 10, 2014: Dragonfire enters the arms trade with the Dragon PX20 High-Calibre pistol

-August 4, 2014: A Russian fleet attacks DPL factories in retaliation to an attack by a suicide drone ship sent by the DPL, they were forced to retreat after Joseph Cain brought the HXFS Epimetheus to deter any further attack.


Full Name

Union States of the Socialist Republics.

Government Type

{Needs Information}


Vasily Bogatyryov


2.85 Billion (700 Million SE) (2.25 billion SR)

Main Languages

English Russian Spanish

Main Currency (s)

UN Credits (Main)

Russian Ruble

Military Population

80 Million (30M SE) (50M SR)

The Union States of the Socialist Republics (USSR) is a joint government system commanded by the Sviatoslav Republic. Each member has it's own government and command system but they will be taking order from the Sviatoslav Republic. Technologies and equipment designs are shared among all member nations of the USSR. The sovereign rights of Union Republics shall be safeguarded by the Sviatoslav Socialist Republic.


Command States

Member States