Systems alliance flag by a stric-d3a5kpi

The Systems Alliance Navy Ensign

This is the Systems Alliance navy, for those of you who play Mass Effect you know what it means for those who don't it represents humanity. Anyways this navy is dedicated to protecting both smaller navies and assisting larger ones. to show allegiance please put SA, SSVor SCV

If you wanna show some patriotism paint your ships White and dark gray with blue


to enter message me here with your finished application

1. Why Do You Want To Join ?

2. What Will You Bring ?

3. What Is Your Flagship ?

4. What Is Your Game Center ID ?

5. What Other Navies Or Fleets Are You Involved In ?

6. Will you remain loyal in hardship ?


If a talented, experienced and well known leader or second in command of a major fleet whishes to lead us then I will hand over the leadership

  • Admiral of the Navy: Owlfeathers0117- Specializes in battlecruisers, frigates, submarines and destroyers, also a commander in the ISAF.
  • Fleet Admiral Yamato287: Supplier Of Super-Warships To The SAN , And Involved In Many Other Navies.
  • Admiral Sambobsung: Provides Carriers, Destroyer and Battleships. Also likes to build Arsenal ships, bases and fortresses.
  • Admiral Yamato287: Supplier Of Super-Warships To The SAN , And Involved In Many Other Navies.
  • Admiral PhantomXT Ace Mx: Provides Intel, Battleships, Frigates, Destroyers and Hybrids, and involved in some other navies as well.
  •  Vice Admiral Natronix: Provides Hybrids, and any ship needed.
  • Vice Admiral Alpha 2901: Suplier of battleships and hybrids.


The N7 fleet

The N7 fleet is a fleet where only the most decorated, powerful or advanced ships in our fleet may serve the Insigna is a 2x2x2 block of white on the left and a identically large square of red