The intelligence at ISAF has discovered a new force, The Uprising Retaliation (A.K.A. UR). Though little is known about this navy, research seems to have gone fast, indicating motive to rule the world. At ISAF, we have determined to examine, capture, and interrogate ships and people employed by this secretive agency. The Uprising Retaliation has been Code named: Kronos

What we know

  • The Uprising Retaliation is an extremely fast-developing agency.
  • Motive has been found that they may have attacked numerous ships secretly.
  • They have in construction a large battleship, guarded by numerous escorts.
  • From unknown sources it seems that Righteous Mikey has taken over the UR forces.
  • They have 3 prototype weapons in the works,one captured from a Typhon-II-Class cruiser.
  • Weaponized spaceships are being developed, meant to shoot down ISAF orbital strike satellites.
  • The MAS Awesome encountered one of their ships, and promptly sank it. One of the first UR ships to sink.
  • Through recent reports it has been noted that the UR wins their battles by having individual devasting ships. However, older warships seem to be less than lethal, as evidenced in an encounter with the MAS Awesome.
  • Lt. Darksire was severely wounded in a battle against Sambobsung's Omega in his Shattered Memories.
  • Sources tell us that 6 UR ships surprised attacked and sunk 4 ISAF ships. Two being the ISAF's top Super Warships which are irreplacable. The UR only lost 1 of the 6 ships they brought in the attack.
  • Admiral Darksire has his own fleet, called HYDRAXIS.
  • Admiral Tenebrous has his own fleet, called The Odyssey.
  • Admiral Righteoumikey has his own fleet, called The Uprising Retaliation. (get the joke?)
  • Both Darksire and Tenebrous resigned, taking with them their troops, ships and ship building facilities, leaving the UR with 10 left. The ISAF now has a higher ship production output.
  • A unknown person from no known fleet has attacked Dr. Razanal
  • An UR sub attacked Merodeus Mosquerebus.

Known Members

Members of the UR have started to make themselves known. List these foes down here.

Fleet Admiral

US Fleet Admiral Fleet Admiral Righteous Mikey
He joined the Upcoming Retaliation because he believed in the balance of power and has reasonable info that the ISAF is an overpowered force. He despises the ways of the UR, but must ensure the balance by commanding his fleet of mass produced scout, scavengers, and escorts to bolster the Upcoming retaliation's fleet. He was defeated in battle by Moleiro and his flagship insidious plague was sunk. His remaining crew reported last seeing him useing an unarmed torpedo as a lifeboat during the aftermath.

Admiral Chiefs of Naval Operations

  • Admiral Chief of Naval Operations Tenebrous: Resigned. Disapproves of Derio's actions. Has resigned because of them. All forces withdrawn, no further help from Tenebrous will be provided as of yet. UR Subdivision: Tenebrous
  • Admiral Chief of Naval Operations Dr. Razanal: A mostly insane scientist who controls a large laboratory which he took over upon his construction of a successful mind control device. Builds all kinds of unusual, but highly advanced and powerful devices and technologies for the Uprising Retaliation with the help of his mind controlled minions (aka former co-workers).
  • Nighttime Operations and Infiltration Commander Admiral Anti-Phoenix: He joined the UR because of a deep rift with the ISAF due to him being of Eurasian origins,and apparently a survivor of the battle in the Skully Islands.
  • (Deceased) Admiral Erebus: He has tried on numerous occasions to acess the ISAF orbital strike sattelites. Was wounded in an engagement with the MAS Awesome from the Pilotmario Navy, resulting in the destruction of the installation with minimal damage to the battleship. He was ripped in half during a explosion in a fight.
  • Admiral Nyx: She's the head of UR R&D, her flagship seems to boast areas for high altitude strike craft to take off and land as well as large batteries of 46cm guns and low altitude interceptor craft

  • Navigation Officer Aldous: A war veteran. He usually is just there watching the UR's ship guiding them to their targets. His actions speak for him.
  • (Deceased) Officer Derio: Caused a major political disturbance in the Uprising Retaliation, causing Admiral Tenebrous to resign from the UR. Killed by a terawatt laser mounted on Dr. Razanal's killsat [aRmaGeDdoN].

UR Ships