Due to several attacks against the ISAF, we have gathered a whole bunch of data concerning Fleet Admiral of HYDRAXIS and one of the many UR Admiral Chiefs of Naval Operations, Darksire. This is information about him, as he is our most frequent challenger.


To gather this information, we had contacted his brother, DocWeldin, who is in the ISAF Fleet. Apparently, Darksire once lived with DocWeldin on a small island, in a small city. The two of them were always playing together, and were very close. As they grew up, they slowly separated, and after they graduated high school, they never saw each other again. Records show that DocWeldin became a Doctor, while Darksire became CEO of a swivel chair manufacturer. Some years later, Darksire apparently transformed his furniture company into a navy, called HYDRAXIS. This was the first move that signified his corruption for more money, since his company was close to bankruptcy. One day, however, Darksire and DocWeldin were caught up in the ISAF/UR war. DocWeldin signed up for ISAF, but Darksire had went into the UR. Within weeks of joining the UR, Darksire had shown his tactical genius, rising above the ranks after he created a legendary battleship, UR Threshold. He landed at Admiral Chief of Naval Operations. Adter UR's first loss, he was thinking of quitting, until he was offered even more pay. ISAF had once captured him, but shortly after he was transferred to the facility, he took a guard's knife and fought his way out of the facility, eventually blowing it up with his ship, in which he escaped in. A while ago, he battled Omega, and lost. It is so that he lost his arm in this battle, as well as suffering from crushed lungs. He takes several anti-coughing pills now, and has to deal with a prothestic two prong arm. Recently, he was threatned by Dr. Razanal, and therefore resigned. He is now living somewhere safe, and continuing his furniture company.

His Status is Wounded and Resigned


Knowing a UR member's behavior can help us understand his thoughts better, and possibly help us figure out his plans. It is known that he is very intelligent, experimenting on several chemicals, such as insanity gas. He almost always wears a gasmask out of habit from experiments. It is rumored that he may have breathed in his own insanity gas, and therefore made him more strange. We have observed that he sometimes becomes docile and not so threatening to the ISAF, but also sometimes spits out threats quicker than a sprinkler. He is a skilled fighter, which we witnessed when he fought his way out of the ISAF jail facility. Although intelligent, it is possible that he is stupider than Tenebrous, with no paitience whatsoever. If you meet him in person, it is best to either avoid him, or not aggravate him, as he can turn from peaceful into a mass murdering machine in a second. Darksire was found to be greedy for money, and still is hooked on business. Therefore he used to be a great negotiator, and still possibly is. However, he is never used for that, as UR is probably worried he will get outraged at the client and attack.


Darksire seems to take part in these fleets:

Ships found

There are several of his ships being spotted around the seas, since he has no stealth technology. Here are a few of them


Darksire has several super warships in his command. They are each dangerous foes in combat. If spotted, stay away from them, unless you have a super warship as well.

Shattered Memories Series Warship


A scout picture of Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories was in fact, Darksire's first warship. Our records indicate that during the old war between the old ISAF and the old UR, Darksire had planned out the ship himself. Only towards the end of the war, when things were getting out of hand, did Darksire complete it. It then took place in the final battle between ISAF and UR, and sucessfully destroyed several of the ISAF troops until the UR leader ordered a retreat. This ship later became the site of Darksire's amputation, when the ship sank during a fight with Sambobsung's Armageddon. A sharp part of the ship cut off Darksire's arm as he sank. Shattered Memories has since been surpassed by several other warships.

According to the scouts, they report that the ship was very slow, only going 70 knots or so. Darksire himself noticed it, and before he sank with the ship, had ordered a faster warship to be made.

Ships in this series:

  • Shattered Memories

Despaired Sonata Series Warship

Sinister Waltz

Sinister Waltz, sailing in the seas

Darksire's last order to his troops before he sank in the Shattered Memories was to make a ship akin to the Shattered Memories, but more faster. This led to a series of ships. Despaired Sonata was the first, and it carried planes. Sinister Waltz was the second in line, but was a repainted version of Despaired Sonata. They then created two more ships, which had no planes, but rather traded them for more guns. Recently, another ship, the Viper, was created in HYDRAXIS colors. The only recorded fight with the Despaired Sonata Series involved was during a brief fight against PolarWolf's Steel Rain II. Sinister Waltz was the fighter. However, the fight was interrupted by a strange source.

Ships in this Series

  • Despaired Sonata
  • Sinister Waltz
  • Malevolent Ballad
  • Ominous Serenade
  • Viper


As well as super warships, Darksire has a collection of battleships as well.

Threshold Series Battleship


Scout picture of Threshold

Threshold was Darksire's first UR ship, and the one that led to his fame. A heavy battleship, Threshold was responsible for the sinking of several ISAF ships. Threshold however, is offset by the low toughness it possesses, making it quite e fragile opponent. However nowadays, its firepower is used for secondary purposes.

Ships in this series:

  • Threshold

Ranchā Series Battleship


Scout picture of Ranchā heading off to a battle.

More of an Arsenal Ship than a Battleship, the Ranchā was a ship designed during the break between the old war and the current war. It was recently finished, and we have spotted it sailing the seas. We only know it has 60 rocket launchers on each side of it, as our scouts were too busy with other things to count. As an earlier fight witnessed by a scout shows, the rockets have EMP disruptors, which slow down both the Ranchā and the enemy ship.

Ships in this series:

  • Ranchā


Remember this?

Darksire's Slasher

Slashers are the mass produced general henchmen ships for Darksire. Slashers are easily converted into several things, such as cargo ships, warships, and factories. However, the most common form it is in is in Battleship Form. There are so many of them around the UR waters. However, they are unstable, and a few rounds of 46cm guns can destabilize and immobilize it.

The most notable event in where a Slasher was used was when Darksire challenged Samobobsung's Prototype Omega, with his own customized Slasher. Although Darksire lost, and was captured (but later broke free), he had damaged Prototype Omega so hard it was forced to use its one time use repair.

Ships in this series

  • Slasher
  • Slasher II
  • War Slasher
  • Cargo Slasher (Cargo Ship)
  • Slashtory (Factory)
  • Darksire's Slasher (technically a Super-warship)

Flight Ships

Darksire has been recently conducting research on flight, and has successfully made a few flying ships.



Picture taken of Predator on test flight.

A ship designed for HYDRAXIS, this ship was Darksire's secret project on flight. However, it was leaked to us, and we have captured many pictures of it on a test flight. However, the flight is not much of a problem, due to it flying very low. Therefore, we have suspected it will be shot down easily. Although it has several guns, it is short from being classified as a Super-warship, due to what we observed as low toughness, making it fragile.

Ships in this series:

  • Predator


Stupid Predator

Notice the strange effect on the picture.

Reports say that Darksire had made another Predator, but edited it to have less weight. In this way, we discovered a ship that flies higher than the Predator, but is less armed than the Predator. However, it seems to have a camera disruptor, as when we took pictures, there was a strange effect on the picture. It was hard to explain. However, it is still fearsome, and it must be shot down at once.

Ships in this series:

  • Stalker


Darksire has a few submarines, but very few. However, they are deadly.


Exile evil

The submarine, caught on camera

Exile was a sub that existed in the old war against ISAF. Apparently, it still exists. We have recorded it going up to 40 knots, but it seems to slow down and stop, and then accelerate again. From blueprints we found, Exile has around 70 underwater torpedoes. Watch out for this submarine.

Exile was spotted harassing ISBA Ships. Although not the sub that started ISBA's aggression against UR, it has fueled the anger.

Ships in this series:

  • Exile


  • All ships in this page are used for USPACFLT when not roleplaying. However, when I roleplay, these ships are for UR and HYDRAXIS.
  • Rancha's name was made when I typed in Launcher in Google Translate for Japanese.
  • The facts about the one time repair stuff with Sambobsung's Omega was collected from several comments he had made at the time. Good memory.
  • Although Waltz was the second in the Sonata class, it is in fact the Flagship.
  • Black and red ships are UR ships, while dark green and black are HYDRAXIS ships.

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