The Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republics (USSR) is a joint government system commanded by the Sviatoslav Republic. Each member has it's own government and command system but they will be taking order from the Sviatoslav Republic. Technologies and equipment designs are shared among all member nations of the USSR. The sovereign rights of Union Republics shall be safeguarded by the Sviatoslav Socialist Republic.

Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republics

Союз Святослава Социалистических Республик

Soyuz Svyatoslava Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik


Full Name

Союз Святослава Социалистических Республик (Union of Sviatoslav Socialist Republics)


Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! (Workers of the world, unite!)

Government Type

Marxist-Leninism, Stalinsm, Maoism etc (varies between each nation)


Vasily Bogatyrov


4.45 Billion (1.1 Billion SSSR) (2.27 billion SR) (1.1 billion PRK)

Main Languages






Main Currency (s)

UN Credits (Main)

Scarlet Gekz (Accepted in SSR)

Russian Ruble (Accepted in SR)

Military Population

98 Million (40M SSR) (30M SR) (8M TD)


Command States

Member States


Sviatoslav Republic

  • General secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Sviatoslav Republic- Vasily Bogatyryov
  • Deputy Nikoli Lermontov
  • Supreme Commissar of V.K.- Vitaly Rostislav

Scarlet Republic

  • Grandmaster Joseph Harper

Peoples Republic of Korhal

  • General Secretary Viktor Tvardosky
  • Supreme-Commissar Mikhail Degtyaryov


If you wish to enroll in one of the member nations, please enroll on their pages. However, if you want your nation to join, here is the application.

1. Name of Country

2. Government Type

3. Representative(s)

These next questions will be the determining factors of if your country will be accepted or not.

4. Are you willing to share all technology and ship designs with other member states?

5. Are you willing to take orders from another state?

Rules and Regulations

By joining the USSR, you agree to any rules of the induvidual navies you're in and to the following:

1. Commanding characters have the authority to have other members executed, all members states in the Union is subjected to have their land annexed by commanding states.

2. Commanding characters have the authority to requisition military forces of the member states and redeploy them to other locations.

3. Accepting applications of states can only be accepted by commanding characters.

Union Armed Forces

Union Navy

Aerospace Ships
Name Ship Class

Number of Ships in Class

Production Speed




Other Notes
Mir Superwarship 40 30 Sviatoslav/Scarlet
Apocalypse A-1 Superwarship 10 30 Sviatoslav
Slava Carrier 1 N/A Sviatoslav
E-102 Light Cruiser 100 15 Sviatoslav
Borov-09 Transport 100 9 Sviatoslav Production Halted
Devotion Light Cruiser (A) 90 14 (x2) Scarlet/Sviatoslav
Levitation SuperCarrier (A) 0 N/A Scarlet

Destroyer  (A)

340 5 Scarlet
Type 195


550 3 (x2) Scarlet/Sviatoslav


16 30 (x2) Scarlet/Sviatoslav

Assualt Carrier

19 25 Scarlet/Sviatoslav


14 30 Scarlet


1500 0.375 Scarlet Production Halted


25 21 Scarlet
Type 190

Light Frigate

270 3 Scarlet

Light Cruiser

28 25 Scarlet
SIA/Reverence SuperCruiser 10 35 Scarlet
SAT/Covenanter II SuperCruiser 7 45 (x2) Scarlet/Sviatoslav
Scarlet Battleship/Bombardment Platform 15 15 Scarlet
HEBP-1 Bombardment Platform 7 15 (x4) USSR
Type-252 Light Cruiser 10 10 Scarlet
Python Corvette 400 Korhal
Shade Corvette 400 Korhal
Swarm Light Frigate 300 Korhal
Korhal</span> Heavy Frigate 250 Korhal
Osea Light Cruiser 100 Korhal
Minotaur Cruiser 85 Korhal
Vulture Heavy Cruiser 75 Korhal
Neptune AA Cruiser 28 Korhal
Ulysses Heavy Cruiser 25 Korhal
Hyperion Battlecruiser 65 Korhal
Loki Battlecruiser 60 Korhal
Cobra Light battleship 25 Korhal
Epimetheus Battleship 7 Korhal
Anaconda Battleship 15 Korhal
Rattlesnake Battleship  15 Korhal
King Basileus Heavy Battleship 3 Korhal
Crying Rook Heavy Battleship 3 35 Korhal/Scarlet
Scorpion Dreadnought 5 Korhal
Adder Heavy Dreadnought 4 Korhal
Avatar Titan 5 Korhal
Haven's Dispair (Haven II) Titan 6 45 x2 Korhal/Scarlet
Delta Freedom Titan 2 Korhal
Sigma Aeon Titan 2 Korhal
Patefecta Stealth Capital 8 40 (x4) USSR
Theseus  Light Carrier 75 Korhal
After Dark Light Carrier 30 Korhal
Moor Fleet Carrier 60 Korhal
Ghast II (Drone) Carrier 4 Korhal
Augustgrad Supercarrier 5 Korhal
Hyperion's Bow Super Battleship 3 30 (one unit) USSR

Intelligence agencies/Secret police

VK emblem 1

Full name

Внутренних Комиссариат (Internal Commissariat)


"Страх В.К." (Fear V.K.)"


Military counter-intelligence, secret police


April 12th, 2016


Sviatoslav Republic, republics of the Union


Moscow, SR, capitals of the republics of the Union

Parent department


Parent Military counter-intelligence

State Defense Committee

Agency executives

Supreme commissar Vitaly Rostislav

VK (full name: Внутренних Комиссариат (Internal Commissariat)) is a Sviatoslav military counter intelligence agency and secret police force. It's parent department is SMERSH (СМЕРШ), military counter-intelligence agency.

VK was formed on the 12th of April, 2016, in the wake of uneasy political situations within the Sviatoslav Republic. Our main job is to, as it states in our discription: "To punish traitors of the Sviatoslav Republics and Union, to counter enemy intelligence agencies, to help enforce the laws of the SR & USSR peacefully without any violence and to protect the ideals and beliefs of the USSR".

VK has many divisions, however our most notable division is #268, which is the largest out of all the divisions with over 3,567,128 agents and personnel registered as of 2016. VK is headquartered in Moscow, Sviatoslav Republic, however each nation in the USSR is ordered to accommodate VK headquarters in their capitals. VK also has divisions which are based in the nations of the USSR, for example VK SSR is based in the Scarlet Republic, VK PRK is based in the Peoples Republic of Korhal etc.

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