We are the Unitary Liberation Army of Gallia. We seek to break off from what we view as a government stuck in the past and move into it with a wise and all-knowing leader. However, there is one entity preventing us from achieving our goal: The Provisional Government of Gallia. So come and join us in our crusade against the pro-monarchy government!




  • What branches will you join?
  • What will be your name? If you have multiple characters, list their names.
  • What will be your contributed ships for our crusade?
  • What is your reason for joining up our crusade against the former monarchy?
  • Will you give up your life for our crusade, to serve our people, and to not bow down to even the greatest problem?


Army Navy Air Arm
*Field Marshal TBA *Fleet Admiral TBA *Chief Marshal of Air TBA
*General TBA *Admiral TBA *Air Marshal TBA
*Lieutenant General TBA *Vice Admiral TBA *Air Vice-Marshal TBA


General Technology Weaponry Utilities Existing Technology
Advanced Rocketry Advanced Railguns Artificial Intelligence Advanced Warp
Asteroid Mining Laser Weapons Antigravity Advanced Targeting Systems
Nanotechnology Laser Point Defense Sublight Drives Advanced Nuclear Technology
Antimatter Advanced Laser Weapons Warp Detection
Biotechnology Magnetic Accelerating Cannons FTL Communications
Advanced Physiology Heavy Ship Lasers Nanobot Fabrication
Advanced Metallurgy Weapons Satellites Blink
Advanced Material Sciences Advanced Missile Systems
Guided Munitions
Orbital Lasers
Particle Beams
Super Laser Weapons
Advanced MCMs I
Advanced MCMs II

Unitary Liberation Army

This is the reason why we were formed. The Army is our lifeblood and our only protection against outside enemies. And with this object, we seek to free the oppressed peoples under the PGG and put them to work for a just and righteous cause.

In order to further strengthen our forces, conscription for our Army is enforced. The Army is composed of TBA personnel, some dissatisfied with the former GE, and some from the former PRG. We all look forward to a unified and all-powerful Gallia in the world. We are a powerful Army, and with this, we shall crush the PGG and water the ground with their blood.

Ground Warfare Arm

A standing ground army is key to protection of the Nation, and is also key to the enforcement of the will of the Nation on its territories and subjects. Thus is the reason for the formation of the Ground Warfare Arm, which will be used to enforce the will of the Nation and to project power in land.

Formation Amount of Troops Composition Amount
District 3,686,400 4 Army Groups TBA
Army Group 921,600 4 Armies TBA
Army 230,400 3 Corps TBA
Corps 76,800 4 Divisions TBA
Division 19,200 4 Brigades TBA
Brigade 4,800 2 Regiments TBA
Regiments 2,400 2 Battalions TBA
Battalion 1,200 5 Companies TBA
Company 240 5 Platoons
Platoon 48 2 Sections
Section 24 2 Squads
Squad 12 2 Fireteams
Fireteam 4

Vehicle Name Production Rate Amount
Centurion II Mk 4 90 90

Naval and Aerospace Warfare Arm

A ground army might be a powerful thing for a nation to have. But projecting power both in the surface or in space is just as important. Formed from what remained of the former Imperial Navy and Imperial Aerospace Navy, the Naval and Aerospace Warfare Arm is our means of projection of power on the seas, the atmosphere, and the space.

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Production Rate Amount

Class Name Class Production Rate Amount

National Air Arm


News and Announcements

Army Navy
21 February 2016 TBA

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