United States of the Caribbean

We are the United States of the Caribbean(USC). We were formed when multiple countries in the Caribbean Basin decided to combine their resources and governments into one United Country with states bearing the original names of the original countries that created this new nation. The goal of the USC is to protect the Caribbean Sea and help protect smaller nations as well as trade with other nations and even keep up the highly valued Tourism sites in the Caribbean and make more and upgrade the existing sites.

Chain Of Command


  • Bananas
  • Bauxite
  • Conch
  • Cuban Cigars
  • Dominican Cigars
  • Rum Cakes
  • Sugar
  • Ting Soda
  • Various Spices

Caribbean Tourist Industries

We are the Caribbean Tourist Industries(CTI) and we are the leader in maintaining Tourist Locations in all of USC. We make sure each location has modern technology, the utmost safety standards and are capable of having people who go to the Locations have a amazing time there. We maintain everything from Dolphin Coves, Boat Rides, Ziplining, Jungle and Forest Exploring and just Site Seeing Locations like monuments and museums.

Royal Caribbean Air Force

Strike Craft

Royal Caribbean Army



Tank Destroyers

Self Propelled Guns

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Anti Aircraft Vehicles

Engineering Vehicles

Utility Vehicles


Royal Caribbean Navy