Look, I know the remaining core members here hate me(looking at Bouexic, Orion and Harmon). With the exception of Harmon(the shit you do and have done is unacceptable in my mind), I respect you two. Orion, you were one of the first members of Israel. Bouexic, I have always been amazed by your leadership and skills to keep a Vanilla Navy alive in a Hansa World. This all said, I'm not trying to kiss anyone's ass and, to be frank, I give zero fucks on how you three view me, I just want you to see how I view you(Harmon, if you try to clean up, I can see a bright future between us).


I'm not trying to steal members, have a agenda to steal members, or am out to strangle Navies. I'm using Fleets as a holdout until we fix Navies. Plain and simple, that's the truth so you better believe it. After Navies is repaired, they can be used in tandem. Period.


Look, we need to fix this place(like I said, I need to finish my ACTs so in June I can't start). However, the only way I can see repairing this place is by moving to Galaxies and keeping Navies as a Archive. Look, we are now a space oriented wikia, so let's be a space oriented one. Each Navy holds a star system of a planet(s) of one. We will have space battles and on occasion, when people invade, we will have land and air battles(though the air also happens in space wth space fighters and bombers and scouts). I find it the only way to fix it. Nothing changes except where our navies are located, nothing more. Think about it. This isn't me trying to strangle this place, I've been here for 4 years, it's a rebirth of this place to keep it alive. Please, think about it. Post your responses below please. IDGAF on what you guys say at this point TBH.

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