Greetings Admirals, Officers and Sailors! Once again I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to be a part of our community, wiki and affiliates of our wiki. Many of you know that currently there is an ongoing dispute regarding the state of our role play and the wiki in general. While we, as a community try to find a solution I hope that you guys stick with us and surge through a questionable time ahead. The current administrators are always open to new ideas and the community as a whole should be open to a new path or direction. It was a tough move for many of us early on to leave the "original" BSC wiki and relocate all the navies to this wiki by request of one of the admins. It took us quite some time to get things fired up and once we did, it wasnt always a smooth ride. We have most likely hit one of those potholes once again, however it would hurt the community quite alot if we are to continue to withhold a possible solution. In closing, I plead to everyone that we stick together through these tough times and find the rainbow on the otherside!

Also I've made a few changes to the main page for housekeeping:

  • Featured Blogs now have to have the category tag "Featured Blog" in order to be displayed. This requisite is only to be used by administrators.
  • Removed Events Bar for pressing ceremonial reasons
  • Updated Polls
  • Updated Welcome Text
  • What is a Navy? Page revision pending
  • Merging some pages for clarity

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