So, after a long period of discussion on the Discord, a bunch of members came up with the idea of a small-scale, non-canon RP room, wherein we could play out any situation we could imagine. To that end, I've created this room, to allow us to practice our writing, engage in technology and ship comparisons, and best of all, destroy a very large variety of things.

Let us begin!


No flame wars, or else. Let's keep this clean. Everything here is non-canon to the rest of RP. For example, Aneph could fight UAC, and it wouldn't affect their relations in-RP. There is an upper limit for ships of 20 capitals to allow for greater tactical flexibility and quicker battles. This may be waived in the future. There are no upper limits for vehicles or aircraft.

Okay! Now that that's over, we can get into the action. Any user can post a "situation" below, and people can respond to it accordingly! For example: Owl posts an "assault on Neo-Earth" mission. Orion and USS could post on that comment, saying that we want to participate, and they could undertake it as a joint operation. Or perhaps it's a free-for-all, to capture as much land as possible and bring it under the banner of a single navy. You decide!

And with that, I officially open the Skirmish Room to the wiki at large. Enjoy.

(Credit for this page goes to Orion.)

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